Resisting only makes it worse


I read an article about the Louisiana’s Blue Lives Matter bill, which Governor John Bel Edwards signed into law before Trump took office. Louisiana is the first state to enact such a law.

If someone is arrested for stealing a piece of candy (a misdemeanor) but resists arrest, they will be charged with a felony hate crime. This is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Even if someone is wrongfully arrested and resists that arrest, they can receive the same punishment.

While it seems preposterous or outrageous, I’d like to try and look at this situation logically.

When does it benefit someone to resist arrest? If they’re guilty of a crime, resisting will only worsen their sentence. If they’re innocent, resisting will get them a sentence they wouldn’t have received otherwise. If the officer is corrupt, resisting will only worsen the situation.

This made me think of an old FB video rant that I watched last year of Amiri King, an ex-con turned YouTube star, who defended police against people who resist arrest.

He says, “When a cop says stop, I stop. When a cop says let me see you hands, guess what, I show him my hands. If a cop says put your leg in, put your leg out, put your leg in and shake it all about, well I’ll be doing the hokey pokey then won’t I.”

You can let the police do their job or cause yourself a bigger headache. The choice is yours.

5 thoughts on “Resisting only makes it worse

  1. Only in a police state do the citizens fear the police. Justin is correct; any police officer, for any reason, can decide what constitutes “resisting arrest,” even asking legitimate and constitutionally protected questions. Giving such extreme arbitrary power to anyone, especially to some individuals who specifically join police forces to bully others while hiding behind a badge and gun, is foolish and dangerous. Not all police officers are the kindly stereotype of the good cop; many are but many are not. All are human beings subject to a variety of emotions, not always professional. If you want deterrents, let’s execute anyone caught speeding in an automobile; after all, speeding can kill people. Legal overkill like this is stupid and poorly thought out, and invites abuse by police officers, the very people it is supposed to protect.

  2. People!!! YOU JUST DON’T GET IT!!! In order for a person to be resisting arrest, the person have to first be told–made aware that he/she is under arrest; you have a right to ask questions especially if you have done NO wrong. This new Louisiana law is just making people slaves all over again–legalized slavery as it already is for those people foolish enough to continue committing crimes and going to jail/prison. PEOPLE YOU BETTER WAKE UP AND KNOW WHAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE FOR THE GOOD not to commit crimes and try to get away with it; heck, I will lock you up and throw away the key for you being just plain stupid to the act. You are still in the South a slave State, free labor from inmates; How could the leaders sit back and allow such a thing to happen; if this is a true law, some bodies better wake up and fight to repeal it!!!

  3. I guess based off that logic there in lies the reason I pay so much for needed items at the store. Placing items on the shelf puts too much power in the hands of the customer and some will exploit that power and steal leaving disadvantaged people with an ever bigger disadvantage at the checkout line when the stores have to increase prices to make up for net loss.

    We get so focused on the bad eggs in our society that we are overlooking the majority of the people doing the right thing. This causes a ripple effect, especially in terms of dealing with our law enforcement. All of a sudden there are a large number of people out there with a chip on their shoulder that do everything they can to test officers and then post the outcome for social media outrage. The fact of the matter is that when these encounters occur if people would let things develop and keep a level head they would turn south. It’s not about power, and who has it or is abusing it, it is about respecting the law, your community, yourself, and the officer enough to comply.

  4. Yeah but it’s the right of the cop to decide if they are resisting. You can do anything, and it’s been proven many times over, that some cops do some evil actions. Definitely not all, almost all are there to make the community better. There are some bad eggs which exploit their power though. Allowing the jurisdiction of resisting to the officer is too much power and leaves disadvantaged people with an even bigger disadvantage.

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