Water boils at RMWS meeting as customers demand board cut costs

high_water_billrmws013017Things got hot enough to boil water at the Robeline-Marthaville Water System meeting Monday night, Jan. 30. After getting water service up and running right before Christmas, the customer-owned system is looking at ways to cut costs and get things back on track.

Representatives from the government and state organizations were on hand to continue helping the board find solutions to its problems.

They included:
·      Knox Ross: president of Coordinating Development Corporation in Shreveport
·      Reinette Foster: area director for USDA Rural Development
·      Clarence Beebe and Rusty Reeves: Louisiana Rural Water Association
·      Randy Byrd: Water System operator
·      Leslie Durham: Governor’s designee for the Delta Regional Authority

The Water System residents said they’re putting out unnecessary money and demanded the board take action to correct the system’s financial problems. The board voted to let go of the one part time employee it has within 30 days. It will no longer provide health insurance for any of its employees within 30 days. This could potentially be $40,000 per year in savings, although it was stated that around $60,000 in cuts needs to be made.

Residents said they believed the cuts could be made in personnel, saying that other systems have one employee doing the same work of the R-MV System’s employees.

In other news, two new board members were announced: Don Perez and Johnny Ledet.

After the meeting ended, Tommy O’Con informed the NPJ that he tendered his resignation last night from the Robeline-Marthaville Water System.

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4 thoughts on “Water boils at RMWS meeting as customers demand board cut costs

  1. I think a little progress was made at the meeting last night, BUT I think that we still have one more temp worker too many. One temp person is only needed in the office. It is basically just a drop box office anyway. I hope the few new changes will help somewhat. We need a contact person the customers can communicate with effectively.

  2. that was a good start to the meeting,glad to see things cut to save money.
    I hope the new blood will be better then the old .

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