What do an air conditioner and a week-long getaway have in common?


Is it time for a vacation? Would you like to go to Cozumel, Cancun or Cabo? How about Australia, or a little closer to home with Branson, Orlando, Destin, or Las Vegas destinations. Keep reading to find out how you can enjoy a free 7-day trip for two.

This time of the year is slow for the HVAC industry, making February the best month to buy a new unit. Not only does Axsom Air offer the best prices, but they’ve purchased a bundle of getaways.

“We need to keep our crews busy, even in the slow month of February,” says Josh Axsom. “So we’re giving a away a limited number of vacation packages on a first come-first serve basis during the month of February only.

The two-person packages offer a selection of over 3,000 destinations. Once you invest in a new AC system, you have up to a year to book your travel dates.

Has your air conditioner been giving you problems? Do you have hot rooms in your house? Is your electric bill high in the summer? Maybe it’s time to think about investing in a new system.

Units installed before 2007 are still using R-22 Freon, which was banned in 2007 by the EPA because it’s an environmental hazard. About 60 percent of people are still running these old AC systems. Replacement parts and Freon is becoming almost impossible to find and the cost is so high, it’d be a good idea to think about replacing the unit.

“With a new unit it’s amazing how much money you’ll save off your electric bill, not to mention the comfort a high efficiency air conditioner can provide for your family,” said Josh. “New units have achieved such a high efficiency level, usually double that of your old unit.”

So what do an air conditioner and a weeklong getaway have in common? Relaxation and peace of mind. Contact your friends at Axsom Air today to find out how they can save you money on your electric bill and that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

Axsom Air makes purchasing your new unit easy with zero percent financing and payments as low as $96 per month. For more information and a free consultation call 352-7777.