Brookshire Grocery Co. Introduces Super 1 Foods Brand in Natchitoches


Brookshire Grocery Co. has outlined plans to convert its two Brookshire’s Food Stores, located at 5696 Highway 1 Bypass and at 318 Dixie Place in Natchitoches, to its Super 1 Foods format. Renovations are underway at the Highway 1 Bypass location and will begin soon at the Dixie Place store, with both slated to be fully converted by fall of 2017.

“We’ve been in business in Natchitoches for 49 years and are very appreciative of our customers here for their support,” said Brad Brookshire, chairman and chief executive officer for BGC. “I can’t wait for everyone to see our Super 1 Foods stores fully completed and I truly believe they will be blown away by our prices, quality products and service. Our Super 1 Foods stores have been extremely popular since the day of our first location opened 32 years ago, and we’ve come a long way since then. Our new and renovated stores are truly spectacular and I’m confident customers here are going to love them.”
Jason Audirsch, store director at the Brookshire’s on the Highway 1 Bypass for the past two years, said that just like Brookshire’s Food Stores, Super 1 Foods also offer great people, products and service, along with tremendous value.

“We want everyone to know that Super 1 Foods is going to offer not only low prices, unexpected values, and a great assortment of quality fresh products, we’re also going to offer incredible service for our customers and this community,” said Audirsch, who will remain store director at this location. “You’ll recognize the friendly faces of our people who will be there to help you in our bakery, deli, meat and produce departments and throughout the store. And when you’re ready to check out, we’ll have carousel bagging at the registers where we’ll bag everything for you, and if you need help lifting anything or getting groceries to your car, we’ll be more than happy to help with that, too.”

“Our Super 1 Foods stores have been wildly popular in Shreveport, Monroe, Lafayette and other communities around the state for decades, and with our great line of offerings and beautifully designed stores we’re confident people here are going to truly love shopping at Super 1,” Brookshire said.

7 thoughts on “Brookshire Grocery Co. Introduces Super 1 Foods Brand in Natchitoches

  1. Again, corporate America thinking they know they what’s best for their customers.
    I’ve used Super 1 before and was not impressed.

  2. I wish we could get a Krogers and this town would grow more,open there minds more to a bigger world out there.We have nothing in this town,that is why I myself spend most my money out of town.

  3. Might as well shop at Wal-Mart. I didnt mind paying extra for the service and selection at Brooksires. Not a fan of Super -1.

  4. It’s Dixie Plaza not Dixie Place. Did some out of towner submit this? I’ll be sad to see Brookshire’s go. We already have places to buy food at “discount prices” and I only go there when I feel I absolutely have to. I don’t have any experience with Super 1 but I imagine it will be lower prices for consumers and more profit for the Brookshire Grocery Co. with less regard for the shopping experience. IMO Brookshire’s is one of the things that has made Natchitoches a better place to live. I can already see how much they don’t care as they can’t even get the location of their store correct.

  5. Really sucks to see this. Speaking for myself, I was more than happy to pay a little extra for the quality of produce and selection of products they provide and not have to deal with the “low rent” atmosphere you tend to see in Super 1 stores.

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