City Marshal Randy Williams wanted to inform the following people that they have outstanding bench warrants through the Natchitoches City Marshal’s Office. The names on this list did not pay their fines in full nor did they return to court on the court date they were sentenced to by City Court Judge Gahagan. These individuals will need to clear up their fines and bench warrant fees at the City Marshal’s Office located at 373 Second St. to stop any further actions:

Shalonda Haskett, 1605 Holmes St, Natch, La – Ran Stop Sign
Bobby Johnson Jr., 2180 Williams Ave, Natch, La – No DL
Monica Chatman, 112 Dogwood Circle, Natch, La – DWI
Amanda Irvin, 309 Eight Mile Loop, Natch, La – TBS
Balinda Rushing, 436 Howell St, Natch, La – SCDP
Demetric Walker, 216 Tammey Lane, Natch, La – SPOM
Qynthia Phillips, 500 North St Apt M4, Natch, La – TBS
Joseph Burton, 1303 Roy Dr, Natch, La –TBS
Jessica Daniels, 124 Ann, Natch, La – Unlicensed Driver, No Vehicle Registration
Gabriel Green, 238 Scarborough St, Natch, La – Simple Battery
Robbin Jackson, 1524 Mandel St, Natch, La – SPOM
Albert Law, 1225 Grace Ave, Natch, La – SPOM, DP, Illegal Window Tint
Destinie Newton, 169 Blanchard Rd, Natch, La – TBS
Deondrea Scott, 313 Fairgrounds, Natch, La – Domestic Abuse Battery
Mikal Zeno, 1815 South Dr Lot 1312, Natch, La – No DL
Jerica Ardison, 200 Lakeview Dr Apt 2101, Nat, La – TBS
Marterrione Evans, 169 Caspari St, Natch, La – DP
Keisha Farley, 2599 Hwy 71, Campti, La– TBS, DWI
John King, 724 Lafayette St, Natch, La – SPOM
Catherine Merritt, 400 Lakeview Dr #4304, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Shoal Obialo, 1115 Breda, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Trevor Taylor, 137 Adria Berry Rd, Robeline, La – TBS

Trial (T):
Laquinton Eckles, 611 Norris St, Mansfield, La – SPOM, Resisting an Officer
Calvin Hoover, 396 Main St, Natchez, La – TBS
Cynthia Osborn, 2077 Desoto Rd, Provencal, La – TBS
Dylan Sowell, 117 Hwy 763, Mansfield, La – Underage DWI
Darrien Wilson, 100 Lakeview Dr #1001, Natch, La – Telephone Harassment
Loyd Brown, 500 North St Apt G-3, Natch, La – Simple Battery

TBS – Theft by Shoplifting
SPOM – Simple Possession of Marijuana
SCDP – Simple Criminal Damage to Property
NSB – No Seat Belt
Exp MVI – Expired Inspection Sticker
SPDP – Simple Possession of Drug Paraphilia 
No DL – No Driver’s Licenses
DP – Disturbing the Peace
DUS – Driving Under Suspension
NCR – No Child Restraint
DWI – Driving While Intoxicated
LM – Loud Music