Ponderings with Doug – April 21, 2017

DougFUMCThe other day I was forced to go to Lowes. I was in Bossier City and remembered I needed a widget for my thingamabob. I pulled in the crowded parking lot and wedged my truck into a parking place. As I was walking to the door guy wheeled up on a Harley. He parked his Harley between the ferns and the potted plants that you hang on your porch. I was immediately amused.

Eighty five percent of the vehicles parked at Lowes on weekdays are trucks. The fifteen percent of cars are parked down by the garden center because they are going to buy some of those potted plants to hang on their porches.

One does not usually encounter a Harley at Lowes. I know it is a valid form of transportation. When one goes to Lowes they are going to buy not look. Much of what is bought at Lowes takes a truck to haul away. I wondered how one hauls 2×4’s on the back of a hog. Do you suppose he can fold the sheet rock to fit in those saddle bags on the back? Maybe his wife sent him to get some paint swatches and flooring samples and he would tuck those in his leather jacket and all would be good.

I know that Harley folks shop at Lowes for all sorts of reasons. But in my years of shopping there this was the first time I had ever seen a motorcycle parked at the store. He was a real biker dude because we walked into the front door together. I’m assuming he was a real biker dude. He wore leather all over. He had long hair and a beard. When the helmet came off a bandana was on his head. I should have spied out the situation to see what the Harley Dude bought at Lowes. Maybe he ordered a remodeling project and he was there to sign the contract and part with his money.

I was amused and knew he had inspired some non-sense for an article.

Sunday will feel like a non-sense day for most ministers in the pulpit.

Last week we put on our best. Easter brings out the special service gene in ministers. We have Cantatas, extra services on Thursday and Friday. We wake up early and preach at sunrise on Easter Sunday morning. The church is bulging with people. Yes we call them the C and E crowd. They are here on Easter and we’ll see them again on Christmas Eve.

I’m glad we see them twice a year! There is another letter, it is coming up. In hushed tones we are beginning to call them C, E’s and M’s. Mother’s Day seems to bring some of them back.

The non-sense is that this Sunday is what we call Low Sunday. Church attendance on the Sundays after Easter and Christmas are the two lowest attendance days of the year. The Easter crowd is back on their Sunday schedule and for some reason; many of the regulars will take a Sunday off. I have not figured it out. I have observed the behavior for all these years.

If we are doing our jobs and sharing the good news that “He is risen” one would think that news would encourage people to come back the next Sunday to hear how the good news gets better and better. Maybe we are not preaching in such a way that the empty tomb translates into a heart filled with Jesus.

I’m going to look out Sunday and see as more pew backs than people. I’m preaching about scandalous grace on Sunday. I’m wondering in a sermon if God is more gracious to us than we have preached in the church or lived in our lives. It should be a good sermon, y’all come. I might be preaching one thing but I will be wondering in my heart, where did all the Easter people go?

Maybe they rode their Harley’s to Lowes.

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  1. Doug, I enjoy reading your “ponderings!” I am a Southern Baptist Christian, born and raised in Natchitoches, who worshipped a few steps down the street from First United Methodist Church. Many of my friends then and now attend your church. They are lucky to have you. Keep up the good work! Even Southern Baptists enjoy hearing what a Methodist minister has to say! 🙂

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