Washington Post places LSMSA on annual list of top performing schools

LMSA-top school

The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts has been recognized once again as one of the 25 top-performing high schools with elite students in the nation by the Washington Post.

Jay Mathews, an education columnist and blogger for the Washington Post, released his annual list on Friday, May 5.

The 25 schools were set aside from the Washington Post’s America’s Most Challenging High School list because, “despite their exceptional quality, their admission rules and standardized test scores indicate they have few or no average students.”

“Sophomores, juniors and seniors who survive the tough admissions process at LSMSA live at the boarding school, which was established by the state legislature in 1982,” commented Mathews.

“I am so proud that LSMSA continues to lead the nation in student performance,” said Dr. Steve Horton, executive director. “Our student body sets high goals for themselves, and their accomplishments and accolades reflect this.

“I must also commend the faculty and staff of LSMSA for nurturing our students so that they are able to realize their dreams.”

Also included on the list were LSMSA sister schools in Arkansas, Illinois, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Students apply during either their freshman or sophomore year for the opportunity to attend LSMSA for their final two or three years of high school. Consideration is also given to students who apply only to attend LSMSA for their senior year.

The school remains unique among the nation’s public residential schools in offering a core curriculum of study in math, science, the humanities and the creative and performing arts. The accelerated curriculum includes traditional college-level courses as well as specialized electives and opportunities for independent study and research.

Since the first class commencement in 1985, more than 4,600 graduates have been prepared for success in college, ultimately taking positions of leadership and service in a variety of careers throughout Louisiana, the nation and even internationally.

LSMSA employs an exceptional faculty committed to teaching, mentoring and supporting its young scholars. Of the 37 full-time faculty members, 75 percent hold a Ph.D. or terminal degree, and all faculty are required to hold a master’s degree in the areas they teach.

Students are required to take at least six courses per semester, which are taught on a traditional college semester system. Students wishing to go beyond LSMSA’s formal course requirements may undertake a program of independent research and study, which will result in their achieving the school’s highest level curriculum, Graduation with Distinction.

All universities in the University of Louisiana system have articulation agreements with LSMSA which award direct college credit for more than 90 of the school’s courses.

For more information about LSMSA and what it has to offer call 800-259-3173.

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  1. Thanks for a very informative article on the success of this school! I am happy to know the plans for a school for the gifted became a reality. During the early eighties, I was involved in graduate work at Northwestern State University, and did a presentation to Professors of the Graduate School of Education, concerning, ‘A Fifty Year Longitudinal Study of Gifted Students.’ Questions answered: Where are they now? What were their correlations and factors which helped to cause positive achievements in their life’s work? I long to read success stories, products of the Natchitoches special school for the gifted!
    Edna Lamb Nation
    71 North Hillview Drive
    Saint Peters, Missouri 63376

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