Zoning application for topless bar withdrawn after community voices concerns

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A Natchitoches native and business owner for 20 years, Ron Bolton decided to withdraw his application to rezone his bar, Ron’s Place at the City Council meeting May 8.

Bolton applied with the City Planning and Zoning Commission to have the bar rezoned from B-3 Commercial to additional zoning of B-SOB (Sexually Oriented Business). However, Mayor Lee Posey and several community members voiced their opposition to such a business being allowed in Natchitoches.

“I can’t imagine the Council would approve this,” said Posey. “It’s something we don’t need in our community.”

Bolton, who was unable to attend the Planning Commission meeting when his application was originally denied, explained his position to the Council. He questioned what the difference was between his proposed business and that of Natural Mystic on South Drive, which prominently displays signage for adult toys.

“When you hear ‘topless bar’ most people think of sex, prostitutes and a brothel,” said Bolton. “It’s not even that. It’s adult entertainment. It’s no more than Natural Mystic that sits in the heart of the City.”

This business was grandfathered in before ordinances were made to stop it from happening again. When Posey first joined the City Council in 1988 a 1/2 cent law enforcement tax was passed to clean things up in the City, moving bars and similar businesses to the Bypass.

Council member Eddie Harrington said the matter was moot. The SOB ordinance states an applicant must receive approval from the Planning Commission before the Council can vote to ratify the rezoning as an agenda item. Since it didn’t receive the required initial approval, it wasn’t necessary to hold the Council to a vote.

Other agenda items included:

Proclamation declaring the second full week in May as “Women’s Lung Health Week”

Recognition of the NSU Middle Lab Orchestra for winning gold at Disney World Music Festival

Proclamation declaring May 20, 2017 as Kids to Parks Day

Amend 2016-17 budget to reflect additional revenues and expenditures

Enter into a maintenance agreement, including mowing and litter pickup, with DOTD’s Office of Engineering July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Approve temporary site license with New Cingular Wireless PCS

Execute change order for the Natchitoches Tennis Court Expansion project.

Execute change order for the Rue Beauport Riverfront Project to make staircase at South end of riverbank ADA accessible

Advertise and accept bids for Master Lift Station Replacement

Advertise and accept bids for the Raw Water Pump Structure Rehabilitation Phase 2 for Sibley Lake

Execute change order for the 2016 City Streets Rehabilitation Project

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8 thoughts on “Zoning application for topless bar withdrawn after community voices concerns

  1. you people are silly,everyone knows that (boobs ) are a gate way to drugs,violence and sex.lol My god people stop being so closed minded,why do you want to keep this city like mayberry ? it is 2017.

  2. WOW, this is something not needed in Natchitoches. I’m so glad it was shot down before it got very far. I understand that the world is changing, but is it for the better or worse? I read where the sheriff’s having a hard time with drugs, I think this would add to the problem.

  3. Thank goodness. The last thing Natchitoches needs is a LEGAL topless bar. It’s not like he wasn’t already recruiting young girls to be prostitutes. He should be arrested. The nerve of him to actually consider doing this. I say they shut Ron’s House down completely. Well played city council, Great decision.

  4. Mr. Bolton, you’re a brave man…but think about your daughters or nieces! You cannot serve two masters.

    • And I never been to Natural Mystic, but from the outside looking in it appears to be ‘flamboyant’. Completely different from exotic…I mean psychotic.

  5. what a bunch of closed minded people around here,Pick and choose who you will let and and won’t let in.
    If you don’t like a certain business,then don’t go there who are you to judge and stop some from making money ? nobody is forcing you to go to the bar .

  6. Thank you for making that decision. Who needs that around here. Living close by I strongly object.

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