Natchitoches Parish Fire Districts train to increase situational awareness

FD Training 1

Natchitoches Parish Fire Districts 1, 4, 5, and 6 participated in a Training Night May 26 at the Natchitoches Fire Department Training Center with LSU-FETI Instructor Kris King.
Doing the Search & Rescue drill, commonly known as the 9-tire drill developed by the Charleston Fire Department (CFD), is a way to increase situational awareness. The drill was instituted after 9 CFD members were lost in a warehouse fire.

Nine tires are set in a 3×3 grid (each tire is 17′ from the others). Each tire has a single piece of the PVC Cross puzzle that the firefighter must find and assemble, while wearing turnouts and SCBAs. To make it challenging, their vision is obstructed.