Chapter 14: In Search Of Captain John Winston

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With Reverend Cryer’s condition stabilized, attention was turned to the capture of Captain John Winston.

Around mid morning the day after Doctor Scruggs successful surgery on the good Reverend, a Deputy arrived from Cloutierville with a telegraph that had been received from Sheriff Jones in Mississippi.

Sheriff Jones had a District Judge draw up papers authorizing the capture of the murderer Captain John Winston. It gave law enforcement personnel in Louisiana complete details of the murder that he had committed when he made his daring jailbreak. They now had authority to take Winston into custody and bring him back to Mississippi where he would face the gallows.

A meeting was held at Abslom Johnson’s home where a plan of strategy was mapped out. Those present at this meeting included Abslom’s son John Wesley and his boys Harvis and Dempsey, Levy Lodrigue and his boys Tony and John Levy, the two Mississippi Deputies, and the Deputy from Cloutierville.

From what Pete had told them about Winston’s snake bite, it was pretty much assumed that the murderer would be seeking treatment from the old Doctor at Monett’s Ferry. Since the area had become a dangerous place since the Civil War, a good plan had to be made. It could be dangerous riding to the area unprepared.

Levy told the group assembled that he had some friends who worked on the Cloutier Plantation that may be willing to make a trip to Monett’s Ferry and do some snooping around without causing suspicion. Everyone thought this was a wise decision, and Levy dispatched his son Tony to make the short ride to the Cloutier house and request their services from Mr. Alexis.

The day had not begun well for Captain John Winston. He was weak and in pain from the amputation of his leg. His two thugs had rummaged through the old Doctor’s office and found a small amount of sulfuric ether and chloroform, which they administered to their boss.

While Winston was between periods of consciousness they spoke with some of the other lowlifes they had come into contact with, to help find a place they could hide out until he was able to travel. They were told that those in charge welcomed them to hide out at Robber’s Roost until that time came.

Aiden and Dylan were put in charge of taking care of Reverend Cryer’s needs. He was gaining more color and strength since he was able to eat small amounts of broth made by Lucille Lodrigue. She was widely known for her delicious food and it was working it’s magic on the Reverend.

Tony arrived later that evening with his Dad’s friends from the Cloutier Plantation. Levy welcomed the two men, Harold LaCaze and Andrew Hernandez, and began explaining to them what needed to be done.

It had been decided they would take the three canoes that Winston and his men had abandoned when the shooting began. Pete would accompany them to the location and swim across Cane River and retrieve one and bring back. Harold and Andrew would go back across for the other two and bring them down river to Monett’s Ferry.

Once they arrived in Monett’s Ferry they would tell the story of finding the boats while fishing and was concerned about the welfare of the owners. While there the men would gather as much information as they could and report back.

Abslom and his boys liked this plan, as well as the Deputies present. Levy thanked Tony for his good job and they all wished Levy’s friends good luck as they departed with Pete to get the canoes.

Nothing more could be done now except wait.

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  1. Is it possible that the ‘telegraph’ received from Mississippi marked the first time that the communication device was used in Cloutierville? Was a telegrapher in place to use the device?

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