Natchitoches listed among most beautiful cities in the US


Culture Trip has revealed its list of ‘The Most Beautiful Towns to Visit in Each US State’ and Natchitoches has been named as the Most Beautiful Town in Louisiana.

Culture Trip is a global media company and travel authority with more than 7M monthly unique users to its site, 3M fans across social media, and one of the leading travel brands on Facebook. Each town was selected by Culture Trip’s in-house editorial team and our local editorial experts from across the world.

Culture Trip said, “This is one of the most popular destinations in Louisiana – maybe this has something to do with the famous Natchitoches meat pie?”

Dr Kris Naudts, CEO-Founder, Culture Trip said, “We wanted to highlight the breadth and beautify that the US has to offer with these 50 beautiful towns, and shine a light on some of the more unknown parts of each state”

Culture Trip (culture is a global tech-media startup with offices in London, New York and Tel Aviv. Founded by former academic psychiatrist Dr Kris Naudts, Culture Trip makes global culture locally accessible by exploring the intriguing and exciting around the world. With 40,000 articles to date and thousand being added each month, along with a growing combination of videos, photos and illustrations. Culture Trip provides a platform that enables people, cultures and locations, that are often underserved by the mass media to be accessed by others. Culture Trip is one of Facebook’s leading travel brands with 2.5m followers, delivering 1B impressions and reaching 270M people in the last month alone.

4 thoughts on “Natchitoches listed among most beautiful cities in the US

  1. I was very disappointed with how tore up downtown is right now. Sure would be very upset of i drove from out of state to tour natchitoches and be faced with that.

  2. Well I visit every chance I get and spend money downtown. I stay the weekend whenever possible but have been known to make the 2 1/2 hour drive just to visit the general store on Front St.

  3. This article sounds more like an ad for ! Most Beautiful Town in Louisiana ? All of these ‘awards?’ seem to come from dot-com companies or magazines needing towns to fill in the blank on some report or article, so they can make money using the towns as click-bait or hits on their site. If Natchitoches is a Louisiana gem, then where are all the tourists ? Where is the economic impact of such awards ? Where are the funds to fix the roads ? Where are the funds to keep the all the schools open and teachers working ? Natchitoches is beautiful from the one picture in the article, but 3 blocks in any direction, not so much . New leadership is needed for Natchitoches, city / parish / school.

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