Nowlin announces Earl Townsend as temporary Highway Department Director to replace Verret


Parish President Rick Nowlin and Councilman Doug de Graffenried met with a group of Parish residents in Goldonna on Tuesday, July 11th to answer questions about the proposed road districts that will be voted on at the Council meeting to be held on July 17th. Among the issues discussed were how much money the proposed tax would generate annually and how the money would be spent, how much the average household’s taxes would increase and what kinds of projects could be funded by the revenue.

Mr. Nowlin addressed additional concerns related to the current operations of the Department of Public Works and the amount of work that needs to be done on the roads in Council District #4. Mr. Nowlin advised the group that the Parish will be seeking a new Director of Public Works due to Mr. Nick Verret’s departure from the position.  Mr. Earl Townsend, who previously managed the Highway Department, will return to the Parish on a temporary basis until a permanent Director can be hired.  Mr. Verret vacated the position to become the Parish’s part-time Engineer.


2 thoughts on “Nowlin announces Earl Townsend as temporary Highway Department Director to replace Verret

  1. I live on the goldonna rd its in terrible shape ive lived here 16 years. all thats ever got done is filling in the pot holes. Some of them iv had 3 cars that have been beat to death by trying to get to town on this road is there any repair work coming for this road?

  2. I feel sorry for anyone who takes this job.I see our great road department filled
    holed on hwy 6 with lose gravel,should last 24 hours.

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