NPSO helps other agencies seize over 90 lbs. of Marijuana in Alexandria

90 pbs of pot


Alexandria- Members of the Central Louisiana Safe Streets Task Force (with members of the Alexandria PD and Pineville PD), working with the Natchitoches Multi-Jurisdiction Drug Task Force and the US Marshal’s Task Force, conducted a traffic stop July 19 on a vehicle entering Alexandria.

The traffic stop ultimately led to a search warrant for the vehicle, which revealed over 90 pounds of marijuana, concealed in a hidden area in the vehicle. Agents also found several different types of hydrocodone pills in the vehicle.

The investigation continued, leading to detectives obtaining a search warrant for a residence in the 900 block of Landa Street in Alexandria. Upon search of that residence, approximately two ounces of marijuana were located, along with types of drug paraphernalia.

Two subjects were charged in the initial investigation involving the vehicle:

Reginald Smith, 40, of Humble, Texas, was charged with Possession of CDS I (marijuana) with Intent to Distribute 60-2000 lbs, Possession of CDS II with Intent to Distribute, Improper Lane Use, Illegal Window Tint, and Improper License Plate Lights.

Buford Brimzy, 41, of Houston, Texas, was charged with Possession of CDS I (marijuana) with Intent to Distribute 60-2000 lbs, and Possession of CDS II with Intent to Distribute.

Two more subjects were charged in the investigation involving the Landa Street residence:

Kimberly McGinnis, 23, and Mark James, 25, both of Alexandria, were charged with Possession of CDS I with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

“The success of this operation is due to the cooperation and performance of multiple area law enforcement agencies including the Alexandria Police Department, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office, US Marshal’s Service and the Natchitoches Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force,” said Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones, Jr. “These agencies spent many hours planning, preparing, and working diligently together for this action, which resulted in removing over 90 lb of illegal narcotics out of our community.”

All subjects were booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center. This incident is unrelated to another July 19 narcotics case on Magnolia Street in Alexandria.


6 thoughts on “NPSO helps other agencies seize over 90 lbs. of Marijuana in Alexandria

  1. You don’t have a work force here as it is. Now you want ppl stoned all the time. It’s hard finding ppl who can pass a drug test make it leagle and you won’t have nothing to work!

  2. They should all receive a small fine, because at lease they Kill any body Left hand cigarette aint never kill no one!

  3. So this is where Louisiana taxes are going , maybe if y’all would legalize it , the state budget wouldn’t be in a crisis

    • very good idea.Legalize it and use taxes for something we need badly,mmm
      like F’king road repair.If you look at California and Colorado and how much taxes they have received since legalizing marijuana.
      Wake up Louisiana.!!

      • Saw recently where Colorado is having problems because marijuana sales are legal there – Homeless people moving to the tourist traps living on the streets but at least they can buy weed and not be arrested

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