Let’s Get Digital



Chances are you’re reading this article on a smart phone or mobile device. In fact, analytics have proven this to be true. In today’s tech driven society, the majority of people are utilizing social media through their phones as a one-stop shop for all their needs.

“People aren’t going to phone books to look up businesses anymore,” said BoostCircuit President and CEO Jesse Poole. “Like floppy disks and dial up modems, print is a dying medium.”

To stay relevant and make sure you’re the first business people see when they search for a service, you need to take advantage of what technology can do for you. Businesses that haven’t designed their digital presence to not only attract new customers, but continue connecting with their current clientele, are losing revenue.

A proven method to attracting and keeping customers is consistency. Does your website translate fluidly to a mobile device? Do your social media accounts match and compliment your website and physical storefront? People need to see that the business they’re looking at online is not only the business they’re searching for, but that it’s reliable and REAL! Too often broken links, misleading profile photos and inaccurate information can drive customers away.

Boost Circuit is here to help. From logos and graphics to social media management and web design, we’re here to help you whether you’re just getting started or feel you’re being left behind. Give your business a boost.



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