Home Loans With 100% Financing and No PMI*

AD-LA Cap Home Loans


Ready to buy a home, but don’t have a big down payment? We’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for: home loans with 100% financing and no PMI!* Plus, we’ll help you save money by offering the best rate you qualify for, not the highest rate you’ll accept.

740+ Market Rate (no adjustment to rate)
720-739 Market Rate +.125%
700-719 Market Rate +.25%

Requirements to Qualify:
Maximum loan amount $250,000
Maximum DTI (Debt to Income ratio) 40%
No slow payments in the last 24 months
24 months of previous mortgage history or rental history
Judgements, liens, voluntary or involuntary repossessions, charge offs, federal and state tax liens must all be paid in full and releases prior to closing
No open or active mortgage allowed in order to qualify for this product
Minimum 24 months of verified employment in the same or related field
Two years W-2s and Tax returns required
Seller contribution up to 6% allowed

For more information about La Cap home loans, call 800.522.2748 ext. 8 to speak to a Mortgage Specialist, or (https://campaign.documatix.com/DM/DPS/WebForms/WebForm/6505AF648C6A9A83) to enter your contact info and we’ll call at a time that’s convenient for you.

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