September permits total $756,500 in estimated development costs

parish permit report

The Natchitoches Parish Planning and Zoning Department issued 21 permits for the month of September, totaling $756,500 in estimated development costs and $7,325 in permit fees.


Residential-Detached Building:

Andrew Parrish, 193 Moss Hill Terrace Road
Ronald Evans, 201 E Ridge Drive
Dennis Choate, 2141 Johnson Chute Road

Residential-Electrical Trade:

Roland Rodgers, 307 Wilkerson Road
Lee Romine, 187 Beechwood Lane
William Coatney, 173 Keith Drive

Residential-Manufactured Home:

Belton Maze, 279 Independence Street, $80,000
Ernest Rains, 117 Church Street, Marthaville
Charlie Smith, was 7352 Hwy. 84, $3,500
George Horton, 130 Tom Brister Road, Robeline, $40,000
Christel Park LLC, 172 Jim Bell Road Lot 42, Campti, $10,000
Christel Park LLC, 172 Jim Bell Road Lot 44, Campti, $10,000
William Scallion, 225 Albert Conley Road, Goldonna, $17,000
Quentin Johnson, 378 Johnson Loop, Natchez, $39,000

Residential-New Construction:

Gary Mayrand, 1389 Hwy. 117, Provencal, $75,000
Rhodes Properties, 207 St. Jerrard Avenue, $265,000
Brant Summerlin, 123 Lakeside Drive, $217,000



Neil Mikkalo, 340 Jim Bell Road, Campti
Mike Brown, 74 Rodeo Drive, Marthaville


Fair Properties LLC, 156 Vienna bend Road

Residential-Swimming Pool:

Jeffrey Anderson, 373 King Hill Road, Coushatta

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