To Keep You Informed and Healthy: How and Why You Should Support Your Community Health Center 

By: Carl I. Walters II., Chief Executive
Officer, Outpatient Medical Center Inc. (a Federally Qualified Health System)

Dear Parish Families,

Can we talk for a few minutes regarding how and why you should support your local parish community health center?

How You Can Support Your Community Health Center

You can support your community health center by:

• Making your community health center your family’s primary care, dental care and behavioral health care “home.” We offer one-stop primary care services making it more convenient for your family to get the core primary care services you deserve in one convenient location

• Keeping your appointments. It is important that your honor your medical appointment commitment so our gifted system providers can partner with you to keep your family healthy and whole

• Encouraging other parish families in need of primary care services to establish care with your community health center. Ongoing patient education and receiving core preventative primary care services is key to keeping our valued parish families out of the hospital, reducing hospital emergency room and urgent care utilization and candidly, keeping them alive

• Increasing the utilization of your community health center for non-emergent medical needs. Outpatient Medical Center Inc. provides compassionate urgent care services while saving you money to receive these services

• Bringing your children in for comprehensive pediatric services designed to keep our valued parish children healthy and whole. Having your child routinely get their 6 month dental check-up while staying current on your

child’s well child checks and immunizations plays a major role in keeping your child healthy and we are seeing more and more families bringing their children to Outpatient Medical Center Inc. (your community health center) and for Pediatric Services

• Working at your community health center helps strengthen our ability to have local families taking care of local families (smile)

Why You Should Support Your Local Community Health Center

Now let’s talk about why you should support your community health center (smile):

1. Never forget community health centers were started by local community families wanting to have their
“own” health system for taking care of their community families. Protect your local community health center as you built it and it is yours to keep and strengthen – which you do the more community families who utilize it for their family’s core primary care needs

2. Your community health center is governed by “you” as 51% of our health center Board must be represented by local parish people who utilize the health center for their primary care needs. So our organizational business model is truly one where services are structured by the people (you); for the people (you) and governed by the people (you)

3. Your community health center has been on the front lines helping to keep our valued parish families healthy and whole for 40 years

4. Your community health center is considered a chronic disease clinical expert when it comes to treating parish families who suffer from same

5. Your community health center was charged with practicing population health long before it became a healthcare industry expectation

6. Your community health center employs gifted people from the local community; thus the more community families who utilize our health system services positions us to put more of our local family members to work

7. Your community health center plays a vitally important role in helping to support our local parish economic engine. Outpatient Medical Center Inc. currently pumps over $6 million dollars (and growing) annually into our local health system parishes. We anticipate this to grow to over $7 million annually within the next year or so

8. Your community health center is Joint Commissioned accredited; one of the nation’s highest quality awards

9. Your community health center understands the importance of seeing you as a valued patient and not just another number

10. Your community health center needs increased community family utilization to help us compete with growing competitor threats

11. Your community health centers has helped thousands of community families qualify for Medicaid
or other healthcare exchange insurance. If you currently have no insurance, please come in and let us see if we can help you qualify for same

12. You built your community health center. Protect it; use it and help it grow stronger out of deference to those who helped build it; out of deference to the thousands
of parish families who use it and out of deference to the thousands of parish families who need it to help keep their family healthy and whole. 

Outpatient Medical Center is your community health center and on behalf of our Board of Directors and dedicated professional staff, I encourage more parish families to choose Outpatient Medical Center Inc. as your family’s primary care home. When you can receive outstanding medical care in a personal, professional, culturally-sensitive and cheaper fashion, doesn’t it just make good sense to do so (smile)? So pick up that phone to make an appointment with us or just walk-in and allow our gifted staff to take good care of you. Because caring for you is what we do at Outpatient Medical Center Inc. Be well; be informed; be in touch and – be healthy.

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