Cancer survivors and patients bond at Geaux Pink luncheon

Cancer Luncheon0365
The Physicians and Staff at the Northwestern Louisiana Cancer Center held a Geaux Pink Luncheon Oct. 30 to honor breast cancer survivors.

“This is a time for everyone to come together, laugh, support each other and love one another,” said Sarah Stewart.

For one patient it was a very special day indeed. Monday was Eliza Behrendsen’s birthday, specifically her first birthday since she was diagnosed with cancer. The luncheon was a momentous event for her and, as she noticed butterflies flitting through the air, she said it felt as if they’d been released by Les Amies in honor of all the survivors.

“We all feel so blessed to get to know other survivors on this amazingly beautiful day,” she said. “Hearing each story about our journeys gives all of us hope and support.”

When disease such as cancer threatens you or your loved ones, find comfort in knowing travel is no longer a part of your treatment and recovery process. Receive the highest quality care and advanced cancer treatments and technology right in your hometown.

“I can’t say enough about the Center and it’s location right here in Natchitoches. It’s important to consider your local providers first,” said Laurie Morrow, who is 2 years from her cancer diagnosis. “It’s encouraging to be able to reunite with my breast cancer sisters at this luncheon. They’re survivors and it encourages me to hear their stories.”

Cancer patients in the Northwest Region of Louisiana can now receive their treatment much closer to home. This is a tremendous comfort, reduces traveling and waiting time for patients who need radiation therapy and chemotherapy on a daily basis, often spanning several weeks.

The large spread of food at the luncheon was donated by businesses throughout the community including Chili’s, the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center, Johnny’s Pizza and others. Mariner’s wasn’t open on Monday, but employees worked to provide something special for the patients. City Bank made a donation to help give free t-shirts to each survivor. For a full list of sponsors check out the Northwestern Louisiana Cancer Center’s Facebook page.