Lions Club learns about negative impact of Feral Hogs on Natchitoches

Lions_Feral Hogs 11-13-17.jpg

Representatives from the Natchitoches Soil and Water Conservation District spoke to the Lions Club at its meeting Nov. 13 about the detrimental impact Feral Hogs have on Natchitoches Parish.

The Natchitoches SWCD is a local unit of State government working with landowners upon request, to conserve their natural resources according to their individual needs and priorities.   Since its creation, the district, with the assistance of cooperating agencies, has conducted a broad conservation program providing technical and financial assistance, planning, education and other services to the people within the SWCD.  The Natchitoches SWCD is comprised of all of Natchitoches Parish.

Feral hogs are increasing at an alarming rate, causing harm to water quality, landscapes, gardens and extensive damage to agricultural crops. Control of feral hogs in difficult and entails countless man hours and expense to landowners. Two keys to success in managing feral hogs are trap placement and pre baiting.

From 2014-2017, 3,774 feral hogs have been removed from Natchitoches parish. The SWCD began a new aerial gunning sign up on Nov. 1, which will conclude on Dec. 22. Land in Natchitoches Parish and land within the Red River Bottomland area are eligible. For information call 318-357-8366 (Ext. 3) or go online to