Beware road work scam


A concerned citizen contacted the City, the Natchitoches Police Department and the NPJ after she was visited by two men who claimed to be City employees. The two men wore yellow, reflective safety vests and drove a larger white pickup with a flashing orange light bar on top.

The men claimed they were doing road work in the area and had noticed cracks at the end of her driveway. They offered to do a hardener/sealer treatment and said all the homeowner would have to pay is the cost of materials. She walked into her home to grab her phone and the man at her door followed her inside.

The man left, but the homeowner felt unnerved by the intrusion and contacted the police, who are looking into the matter.

A City employee told the NPJ that the men’s actions aren’t standard operating procedure for any City employee and that the situation sounded like a big scam. The Police Department encourages residents to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods by calling 318-352-8101.


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