City Chlorine cleanse and System wide flush successful

System FLush

The City of Natchitoches Utility System informs the public that the Chlorine cleanse and system wide flush were a success. Recent testing has shown a significant reduction in ATP levels, which are indicators of Nitrates/Nitrites within the system. These levels are what trigger a Chlorine burn. While on the chlorine burn the entire distribution system was flushed and large amounts of sediment were removed.

The switch from Free Chlorine back to Chloramines will take place the week of Dec. 4. The switch may take up to 2 weeks to move throughout the entire system. Residents may notice some taste and odor differences during the switch back to Chloramines. The City appreciates the public’s patience during this entire process as it is aware that the process was challenging for its customers.


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  1. Congratulations to the Utility Dept for their expertise and determination guiding the city through this water issue while at the same time dealing with increasing responsibilities as we draw closer to the Christmas Festival season. Not sure who is primarily responsible but Thanks to you all and Merry Christmas

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