Education is the Foundation: Outpatient Medical Center Inc. announces opening of School Based Health Center at LP Vaughn and NJH

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Outpatient Medical Center Inc. (OMC Inc.) is excited to announce the opening of our School Based Health Center, at L.P. Vaughn Elementary and Natchitoches Junior High School.

School Based Health Centers (SBHC) are like a doctor’s office within a school and provide a great benefit to students and school staff. Research shows that SBHCs can help a student manage his/her illness at school and, therefore, decrease absenteeism from school and parents’ time away from work as well as fewer hospitalizations and trips to the emergency room. A student that is healthy and shows up to class is better equipped for academic success.

SBHCs provide three primary services in a school: primary care and preventive health services, first aid care to all students and school staff, and urgent care to anyone in need on school premises.

This SBHC will cover L.P. Vaughn Elementary and Natchitoches Junior High School as an extension of Outpatient Medical Center Inc’s Natchitoches Health Center. This project is funded in part by a Healthcare Access grant from The Rapides Foundation.

Parents, we are sending SBHC packets home. Please complete and return all SBHC enrollment authorization forms included in the packet to authorize your child to be treated at the SBHC.

We are focused and dedicated to keeping our children and our school administration healthy and whole. Because caring for you is what we do at Outpatient Medical Center Inc. Be well; be informed; be in touch and – be healthy.

Carl I. Walters II.

Chief Executive Officer

Outpatient Medical Center Inc.



SBHCs have been successful in addressing the health care needs of students from kindergarten through high school. In elementary school settings, SBHCs provide opportunities for preventive care, health maintenance, and the treatment of acute illnesses and injuries. As President of our Board of Directors, I am proud to support this effort in providing much needed health care resources to our precious loved ones.
– John Winston, President of Outpatient Medical Center, Inc, Board of Directors

I am proud to support OMC and it’s new leadership. I feel that we are addressing our mission of providing affordable comprehensive primary health care for all citizens both adults and children in our service areas. We are opening doors and promoting the general health of the communities we serve. As Vice President of Outpatient Medical Center’s Executive Board, I view this as a blessing for our communities, and I am elated to serve our citizens in the Natchitoches, Vernon, and Madison Parishes.
– Thomas Roque, OMC Board Vice President

I am very pleased and excited about the upcoming startup of the LP Vaughn School Based Health Center. This will be a great benefit to the students of LP Vaughn Elementary/Middle School and Natchitoches Junior High at Frankie Ray Jackson School that will ultimately have a tremendous positive impact across both campuses.
– Dale Skinner, Natchitoches Parish Superintendent

I am very excited about the opening of our school based health center! I think this will be a great asset to our school community as it will help provide our students and staff with health and dental services without having to miss many days of school to seek medical a en on.
– Kristie Irchirl, L.P. Vaughn Principal

As a former Chamber President, as a current economic development professional and as an elected member of the state’s school board, I’m delighted to see this initiative move forward through the cooperation of different en es in the community. It’s truly a team effort and will result in much be er health and educational outcomes for our students.
– Tony Davis, Natchitoches Community Alliance

This effort is a perfect example of community coming together to improve the health and well-being of our parish children. It took the collaborative support and vision of our Board of Directors; Mayor Posey; Natchitoches Parish Superintendent Dale Skinner, Mr. Tony Davis, President, Natchitoches Community Alliance; The Rapides Foundation; The Louisiana Primary Care Association; the Health Services and Resources Administration (HRSA) and countless other community stakeholders to bring this envisioned school-based health center to fruition. Students and staff of the L.P. Vaughn and Natchitoches Junior High School will now have on campus access to high-quality, medically-appropriate, cost-effective, personalized and professional healthcare services; a true commitment of our parish leaders to work together to improve the health and well-being of our valued parish school children and a huge community accomplishment we should support and be proud to have.
– Carl I. Walters II, OMC Chief Executive Officer

We are overjoyed to be able to offer this much needed service to our community students. We are confident that the addition of this School Based Health Center will promote the health of the faculty and students.
– Ruby Mitchell, Site Director

I am looking forward to providing care to the children and staff of L.P. Vaughn and Natchitoches Junior High School. The School Based Health Center’s goal is to keep our children healthy and to provide convenience for parents and staff while reducing absences from school and work.
– Mary Lancaster, Family Nurse Practitioner


Pick up the phone and call OMC today at:

Natchitoches Health Center: 1640 Breazeale Springs St., Natchitoches, LA 71457 1-800-268-5872
Leesville Health Center: 1603 B Boone St., Leesville, LA 71446 1-800-308-7569
Tallulah Health Center: 804 Beech St., Tallulah, LA 1-800-308-7566