City Council: Mayor discusses upcoming tax renewal, garbage collection and recycling

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There weren’t many items on Monday night’s City Council meeting agenda, March 12. Mayor Lee Posey spoke on the importance of a Public Safety Tax renewal coming up on the March 24 ballot (10 mill: $1.2 million).

Without the renewal Chief John Wynn said the City Fire Department would lose positions that it needs to keep funded in order to improve the City’s fire rating from 3 back to 2 where it’s been. If the renewal were too fail, there’s a chance the rating would drop to a 4. The lower the fire rating, the more it would hurt the pocket books of residents.

Posey said one project the City will begin work on soon would help improve the City’s fire rating is the replacement of an 8” water line on St. Denis to a 12” line. The project will cost $750,000 and will include bricking St. Denis.

“We need more water pressure downtown, which would help to improve our fire rating,” said Posey. “We need your vote on this-March 24.”

He also threw out some ideas for consideration regarding garbage collection and recycling. Posey is entertaining the idea of changing garbage collection so residents would be required to bring their garbage cans out to the side of the road and the workers would then bring the cans back in from the street. Posey said this would save the City some money on its contract, which they’ve finally gotten back in the black after taking it over.

Also up for consideration is whether it’s worth it to continue offering recycling services. The numbers have increased since the City got involved and the bin site has been working better since it was moved inside the gates at the ADM facility. However, Posey said they’re not recycling quite like they should be.

Agenda items included:

Adopt millage rate for tax year 2018 (Public Safety Tax of 10 mills and General Alimony Tax of 7.030 mills). A public meeting will be held at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting March 26 at 5:30 pm at the Arts Center on Second Street.

Execute agreement with the Louisiana Office of Community Enrichment Fund for improvements to the City water system

Amend Chapter 4 of the Code of Ordinances to adopt Section 4-8 “Special Event Permit” for the sale of alcoholic beverages at special events held in the City

Approve Task Order No. 1 between KSA Engineers and the City to seal coat Runway 7-25 at the Natchitoches Regional Airport

The Council also recognized the Natchitoches Central High School Orchestra for its participation in the Capital Orchestra Festival in Washington DC on Feb. 19 under the direction of Syll Young-Lee Olson and Evan Korn.


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