Small Town, Big Flavors: Firehouse Food Destinations features Natchitoches Fire Department


Natchitoches Fire Chief John Wynn cooked up a homemade meal with Mark Myers Jr., the host of a new show called Firehouse Food Destinations. The web series features unique firehouse dishes, while highlighting fire departments and the city they serve. The first episode featuring the Natchitoches Fire Department aired May 4.

Six local fire departments in Louisiana were contacted and Natchitoches was the first to respond. What better City to start this new series in then Natchitoches, the oldest City in the Louisiana Purchase. It also has some of the best cuisine to choose from.

The film crew consisted of firefighters, most of whom dabble in videography, photography and cooking businesses. Allen Dantes works for the Shreveport Fire Department. He came up with the idea for a show that would focus on local fire departments and the history of the towns they serve. He brought in former firefighter John Phelan who runs a company called Black Helmet Films. Mark Meyers Jr. is a chef and host of ReMARKable Foods. TraJuan White fights fires and runs White Prophecy Photography and Videography.

“I reached out to these guys because I knew they could help bring this vision to reality,” said Dantes.

Wynn said he and his firefighters spend a lot of time at the station, which means a lot of time is spent in the kitchen.

“We always bond when we’re cooking breakfast or any of our other meals,” said Wynn, who cooked Natchitoches’ famous meat pies for the show when the crew filmed their first episode in the NFD’s kitchen Jan. 7. But Wynn took it a step further and topped the meat pies off with some delicious seafood etouffée.

The goal is to generate enough interest with this web series so the crew can eventually pitch it to a TV network.

“The food in Natchitoches was amazing,” said Dantes. “We loved the City and we hope every town we fix in is as welcoming and pleasant as the Fire Department and Natchitoches were.”

Dantes appreciates the City’s willingness to help with their project, Northwestern State University for allowing them to film on campus, Lasyone’s for allowing them to film in the kitchen and helping out with the meat pies for the episode, and Super 1 for donating the rest of the food.

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