NPD officers will participate in ‘Mustaches for a Cause’

Mustaches for a cause

The Natchitoches Police Department is taking another step forward in community involvement. During the month of June NPD employees will participate in “Mustaches for a Cause” to support the Women’s Resource Center. Officers will be allowed to wear mustaches and beards after paying a participation fee which will then be submitted as a donation to support such a worthwhile endeavor.

The Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit pregnancy help medical clinic that serves over 400 women and their families every year in central Louisiana, most of whom are in unplanned pregnancies. All services are free which include prenatal education, lifestyle skills, ultrasound, material assistance, childbirth education, and life affirming options counseling.

The Natchitoches Police Department is honored to join forces with the Women’s Resource Center as they strive to serve so many women in our area.