Chamber Announces Departure of President/CEO

Liz Juffin - Chamber

The Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce announces Liz Juffin’s departure as President/CEO, effective June 27. Due to personal reasons, she will be relocating back to Florida at the end of the month.

“Liz quickly stepped in and made significant progress with our Chamber in a very short time. Her emphasis on the importance of professional development, advocacy for our members and a creative revisioning of the Chamber leave the staff and Board of Directors with new ideas and opportunities for continued success. We wish her great success wherever her journey leads her,” said Board Chairman Ryan Todtenbier.

Over the next few months, the Board of Directors will be conducting a search to find the new Natchitoches Area Chamber President. During this transition period, the priority will be to find the best individual to lead, while still maintaining a stable and effective organization. The Board of Directors are committed to the future of the Chamber of Commerce and the Natchitoches community.

2 thoughts on “Chamber Announces Departure of President/CEO

  1. It was a mistake hiring her in the first place. I know of several very qualified applicants who didn’t even get an acknowledgement from the hiring board at the Chamber. Now, they are paying the price for their stupid choice.

    • Right….. They would rather find someone from another state and give the job to them instead of people from Natchitoches. Once those people come and see how far behind Natchitoches is and how boring it it, they soon go back the the excitement.

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