Ponderings with Doug – June 8, 2018


Today was a glorious cloudy, rainy day. We might not see another one of these until October.

I am fond of rainy days. I think they offer me permission to stay in my office and read. The world seems more at peace. A rainy day that manages to have thunder is the best kind of rainy day. This day was grand.

I didn’t think I would see it rain again. I did something that seemed to be a rain jinx.

About a month ago I cleaned the gutters at the camp. The previous owners had not cleaned the gutters for at least two mimosa trees. I got rid of the trees, the weeds and the mud in the gutters over the carport. I have not seen it rain to watch the water run down the gutters and out the down spouts. I have clean gutters along the carport. The clean gutters kept the rain away.

I was so excited about those gutters that I added gutters to the front of the house and to the back porch around the deck. I hope those gutters worked well. I have not seen the gutters in action because it hasn’t rained when I’m in Gibsland.

Hanging the gutters was a challenge. The house doesn’t look like it needs very tall ladders, but it does. I don’t do tall ladders. I had my future son in law hanging upside down from the roof to help me with the gutters. I want to see my gutters in action!

The gutters cause the water to fall off the house in a chosen location. They will keep the rain water off my front steps, deck and driveway. That is if they work correctly and if it ever rains again in Gibsland when I’m there.

I’m thinking about gutters because it rained today. I’m thinking about gutters because of a sermon I am preaching Sunday. It is a sermon from the gospel of Mark. Jesus is asleep in the boat when a storm comes up. While the disciples are rowing and bailing, Jesus continues to sleep. He would have slept through the storm except the frightened disciples woke Him up.

They asked our question, “Don’t you care Jesus that we are about to die?” When the storms come, when a gentle rain becomes a monsoon, as frightened followers we pray, “Lord, why did you let this happen to me. Don’t you care about me?”

He does care. He loves us. He gives us life and love.

When the rains overwhelm, when your little boat is swamped, you can call on Jesus. He does care. You might have to bail the water out of the boat and row very hard to the other shore because that is how life is. Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean that we stay dry in the storm. It does mean that since Jesus is with us, we need not fear the storm.

I invite you to church on Sunday to hear about being safe in the storm. Sunday come to the Methodist church and see how we handle the storms of life. Or as H.D. Bagley used to say when he ended his weather segment of the TV news on Friday night, “Wherever you go on Sunday, go to church!”