Stop The Bleed!

Stop The Bleed 2018 (2)

Shootings, home and work accidents, and motor vehicle crashes are just a few of the events that can cause severe, life threatening bleeding. The simple fact of the matter is that an injured person can “bleed out” in far less time that it takes for first responders to arrive. Ordinary people who are on scene can be the difference between life and death. Learning how to help in an emergency is a useful skill for anyone.

The Louisiana Association of National Registered Emergency Medical Technicians held their convention at the Chateau St. Denis Hotel June 6-9th. Over 100 EMTs enjoyed Natchitoches hospitality while earning continuing education credits and sharpening their skills. It wasn’t all classroom work however. Wednesday featured an active shooter drill while Thursday featured an all hazards disaster plan drill. The convention also featured a general business meeting and classes on a variety of subjects.

The association also reaches out to engage and educate the community. Life Air Rescue Flight Nurse Ruth Hubbard and Flight Paramedic Jay Caskey taught a class called “Stop the Bleed” to interested community members, including Natchitoches educator Crystal Davis. The class is intended to give people the skills needed to recognize, and stop dangerous bleeding until help arrives. Students learned how to apply tourniquets, pack wounds and save a life in an emergency situation. Each student got to practice their skills on each other and on simulated wounds.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes to welcome the Louisiana Association of NREMTs to Natchitoches and to thank them for taking the time to teach their fellow citizens how to save a life. We also wish to commend Ms. Davis for taking the initiative to attend the class. May she never need to use her new skills, but we are glad she is prepared.