Natchitoches: Sixth poorest city in the country

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NATCHITOCHES: I have always been proud of our little town, its historical significance, its beauty, and its festivals. However, there is another real fact that we must confront. According to a USA TODAY article published June 18, in towns with populations of 1000 to 25000 people, Natchitoches is the 6th poorest in the country. Listen to me: Not in the state, but in the entire country. Something has to be wrong if there are only five other towns in this entire country where the people are poorer than those in Natchitoches.

I don’t know where the fault lies but I would start with our political leaders, since they should be looking after the welfare and promoting businesses to ensure those who live here can earn a living wage. Further, while tourism is good, Natchitoches needs to attract industry, not chicken and other fast food franchises.

This negative national exposure that Natchitoches has just received can do nothing but harm Natchitoches. What parent will want to send his son or daughter to college in Natchitoches now? Very few, so it will have an adverse impact on NSU also.

To the powers that be, you need to do something and do it immediately or our little town will die a slow death!!

Michael J. Bonnette
Cloutierville, LA
(318) 332-6718

USA TODAY – June 18, 2018

14 thoughts on “Natchitoches: Sixth poorest city in the country

  1. You folks are assuming that the powers that be want to change this situation. In my opinion, that is not the case. For example: very successful workforce development initiatives have been discontinued; two particular grants (3.2 M and 900,000$) grants were killed by NSU that would have created a better economy for Natchitoches and NSU. It is my understanding when Alliance located here they were going to pay Ohio wages for labor. I think it came to 12$ a hour for minium wages. Local industry induced them to lower the wages to 8$ per hour. Who benefits the most from a poor economy? These actions have only created a MODERN DAY COTTON PATCH!

  2. Something has to be wrong with this information. There is no way Natchitoches is the 6th poorest city in the country. Somebody goofed big time on this research or maybe it way the person writing the article. I don’t believe this for one minute. Remember the saying, don’t believe everything you read! You can make numbers say anything. We have a university & a hospital, which requires a advanced degrees! Only 21 % with a Batchelors degree? What’s the rest of the info? I know lots of people with Masters & Doctorate degrees! Reader beware!

  3. Many other Louisiana cities are listed including Many and Ville Platte. It is a statewide problem, not just a local problem. I see no reason why this should hurt enrollment at NSU. While this community may be poor, the university provides top quality education at a lower price than many other places. Just because the community is poor doesn’t mean it is unsafe for students.

    I also agree with the comment about people living outside the city limits who were not included in the total. Many new homes have been built in recent years outside the city limits and those with good jobs live in those homes. That said, other than some university jobs and the hospital, there are very few good paying jobs in Natchitoches. The tourism industry is great, but the jobs that support it are not where the money is. You don’t get rich waiting on tourists or cleaning their hotel rooms.

  4. Good article, but not quite sure where they got their data because I just looked at for Campti, LA which indicates population 1,054 and median household income $16,875 which would place it as number 2. Clearly nothing to be proud of but definitely confirms the comment by Jane Hall.

  5. Imagine if NSU wasn’t in Natty. Or if the morons running the state slash education budgets to the point of closing schools. It would rank #1 on the list for sure. Scary thought…

  6. This is for the population within the city limits. If we could include the surrounding area, it would be a different story. So many live right outside the city limits.

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