Accident leaves vehicle in Cane River



At approximately noon on Saturday, June 23 the Natchitoches Police Department received a 911 call from a citizen reporting a vehicle drove into Cane River from the downtown riverbank area. Officers arrived on the scene and spoke with the driver, Julius Harper, 72, of Saline Louisiana. Mr. Harper advised he was driving his 2014 Ford F150 on Beauport Street when he lost control of his vehicle went off the roadway and into the river. Witness to the incident entered the water and helped Harper out of the vehicle. No damage or injuries were reported during this incident.

3 thoughts on “Accident leaves vehicle in Cane River

  1. I’m not writing this as a weekly columnist for the NPJ but simply as a citizen of Natchitoches. How in the world does a vehicle do a 90-degree right turn from Beauport, cross over curbs and sidewalks and end up in the river? I am very glad the gentleman is not hurt. How this accident occurred is intriguing me, though. Perhaps he was not driving north or south on Beauport but was coming out of a parking spot on the west side of Beauport and hit his accelerator? Any of you good folks witness this?

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