NPSB – Metoyer Blocks Agenda Item

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The Natchitoches Parish School Board’s regularly scheduled meeting, held on July 12, was very brief. The only real items of business were the approval of the Consent Agenda and the acceptance of bids.   All items passed

An agenda item to determine the bus routes for children who previously attended school in Cloutierville was inadvertently left off the Agenda.  A motion was made to suspend the rules to add the item to the Agenda.  The item failed to receive the required unanimous vote when Board Member Emile Metoyer dissented.  A special called meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 to address the matter.

The omission of the item on the Agenda will delay Echo’s planning and implementation of the changes to the bus routes.

UPDATE TO WINSTON PROPOSAL:  Superintendent Dale Skinner advised the Board that Mr. John Winston informed him that Northwestern declined his proposal for using the Magnet building for an after-school supplemental art & learning center.


Metoyer had the floor:


2 thoughts on “NPSB – Metoyer Blocks Agenda Item

  1. Yeah just because one board member is still having a tantrum the whole board has to meet again on an item that will pass against his objections.

  2. this whole Cloutierville thing is a mess and I hope it bites the school
    board and Skinner in the butt !!

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