Washington Street Landing closes as Cane River levels drop

Cane River Lake is at 97.0 MSL

With expected extreme high temperatures, irrigation, and no rain in the forecast the lake’s water levels will continue to drop. Please use caution during navigation and/or water sport activities as underwater debris is now being exposed and/or just under the water line that could cause damage to boat props or hulls and/or personal injury.
The Washington Street landing is closed for safety. Shell Beach and Point Place Marina will be the only landings open for usage. The lake remains open.

Lake Pool Stage: 98.0 MSL
Low Water Lake Closing: 96.0 MSL

The Commission’s pumping project is currently under construction. For updated statements on the project please visit http://www.caneriverwaterway.com. Questions please contact Betty Fuller 318-617-3235. Remember to boat safe, sober, and always wear your life jackets!

One thought on “Washington Street Landing closes as Cane River levels drop

  1. this always cracks me up,its like an SNL skit.today the water is to high,now its to low…..it is high again.

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