Woman arrested for 1st Degree Murder in Fire-Related Homicide of Infant

Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith

The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal, in collaboration with the Natchitoches Police Department, took a Natchitoches woman into custody in connection with the homicide of a 6-month-old boy.

Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith (DOB 8/10/92) was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center Saturday, July 21 on one count of 1st degree murder for the death of Levi Cole Ellerbe, who was located set on fire off of Breda Avenue on the evening of Tuesday, July 17.

The investigation is on-going and no further information will be released at this time.


Woman arrested for 1st Degree Murder in Fire-Related Homicide of Infant

16 thoughts on “Woman arrested for 1st Degree Murder in Fire-Related Homicide of Infant

  1. The more I hear and read about this horrible situation it appears that the whole family was totally dysfunctional! My question is: was this family being investigated or monitored by the office of Family Services?

  2. I hope both of them bitches get burned the same way they did that baby excuse my language but I’m pissed if the low life mother didn’t want him she should have never laid down and made him. He didn’t ask to be here that was her choice. It’s plenty of people who can’t have kids and would have loved to adopt him… She get no sympathy from me at all I pray they both burn in hell thats if they survive in prison and this coming from a MAD BLACK WOMAN R.I.P BABY LEVI

  3. Uhmmmm … Unless you are apart of the ongoing investigation or one of the perpetrators – you DO NOT know all of the facts. All of this speculation unnecessary and could be quite damaging . Instead of being a gossip mongerer – try being a Prayer Warrior.

    • Don’t tell me. When they find out she IS the guilty party, then we have pray for Jesus to save her with mercy. I don’t hear you slinging this kind of talk for the black woman they are holding for this. Why aren’t are you telling us to pray for her? Don’t all sinners need mercy. Just wondering. You sound a little 2 faced.

      • It is s horrible thing whoever did this horrific act! They won’t get off easy, not on Earth or when they die!

  4. Please don’t send anymore money to the gofundme for these people. The mother knew who took the baby and lied to the police, saying she didn’t, when they were looking for the baby. The funeral is paid for, and now she’s making money off the gofundme.

    • Ya don’t know what happen so quit say she knew about it because she didn’t the mother loved her baby and we know her very well y’all need to be pray for them and not assume this and that

    • you are completely right Perry,if anyone sends these people money
      you are an idiot.The whole family is scam artist drug users,to do this to you’re
      child is insane.

      • Wasn’t they both in Drug Court? Why didn’t the Dad or grandmother intercede an get custody of this baby. It is also alledged that the two women were in a relationship. That right there was evidence enuf for someone to take that baby, but ppl don’t want to get involved. Well to those who may have saved this baby, SHAME ON YOU!

  5. crying shame this baby had to die,because parents or parent is a drug dealer
    or user.If all you live for is to get high or deal why bring a baby into this world ? and why did this lady answer the door home alone with a baby ?
    a lot of things don’t add up here .

    • Perry, a baby is nothing more than a government insured ATM to people in the drug lifestyle. The angels took the child to be with our Lord, who neither slumbers nor sleeps. If there were more people involved in this tragedy, they will not escape God’s justice.

  6. lets do the same thing to her that she did to this poor helpless baby.
    why does she deserve to live ? that baby had no chance .

  7. Praying for the family of this baby and praying that the lord bring the ones that partook of this brutal crime to repentance . May they repent for what they did to this child and family in Jesus Name. – B. Dubois

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