Ebarb Mimosa

By Reba Phelps

When you are in the beginning stages of a relationship you can possibly find yourself talking about the most intricate of details. You tend to want to know the person right down to their soul but you also desire to cover the basics. In those early stages there’s so much fun to be had discovering the specifics. Hobbies, favorite food, favorite movie, and by all means, what is your favorite tree?

Doesn’t everyone discuss their favorite tree?

More than 25 years ago I was asked what my favorite tree was. There was no hesitation when I answered, “Mimosas.” In my eyes they were simple yet majestic. They came in all shapes and sizes. Some of them were even hardy enough to be the perfect climbing tree for children. When the pink blooms showed their glory in the summer it was just a stunning site to behold. They also have a truly divine and memorable fragrance that can be found in many perfumes today.

The Mimosa tree has all of the makings of pure pulp perfection.

After I pled my case describing all of the reasons it was my favorite tree I was met with the most gut wrenching statement that still remains alive in my memory today. “You know the Mimosa is just a weed. It’s not even a tree…..you love a weed and not a tree?”

Was my whole life a lie? Even throwing all of my reasons for loving the “tree” out of the window, truth of the matter is they lined my grandmother’s fence line of her Ebarb home. Her home was backdrop to many childhood memories and all of these memories include those graceful looking Mimosa trees.

“The Mimosa is not even a tree. It’s a weed. You love a weed?”

Recently those very words resurfaced and they sent me on a fact finding mission. Was the Mimosa really just a weed? Who decided this? Why did I let those words destroy my love and affection for the Mimosa? Is it okay to love weeds? Why did it take me 25 years to even research this?

I took all of my looming questions to the World Wide Web, a local college-age waitress with a passion for plants, and a local nursery owner. The truth should lie somewhere in the midst of all of these special outlets.

Once the research was in full swing I couldn’t help but be completely amused at what I learned about the famed and intrusive “tree” called, “Mimosa” or “Silk Tree.” She’s known to takeover where she’s planted. She smothers out the weaker plants with her overgrowth and shade. She is very fertile and when the wind blows she is known to spread her pods for miles. The messy brown pods will bloom wherever they land. The Mimosa is one of the hardiest trees ever made. She withstands the driest of droughts and the coldest of winters. She’s a fast growing tree and will provide shade within a couple of years of growth.

This resilient tree is a beautiful mess and many gardeners will sacrifice the messiness for it’s perfectly scented blooms. But, with all of this new found knowledge about the exotic Mimosa the one fact that made me smile from my heart is the fact that you can buy these online. They are a highly sought after TREE and can be shipped all over the world.

Even though I could not locate specific information about the Ebarb Mimosa. I tend to believe they are the sturdiest of them all. If anyone knew my Grandma Procell from Ebarb, you would see a lot of similarities in her strength and the Mimosa tree. This foliage was perfect for her yard and catered to her personalty.

Intrusive weed or exotic tree? You can be the judge of that. The moral of the story is never let one person turn your majestic tree into a pesky weed and if you do, do not wait 25 years to research it for yourself!

Psalm 46:5

“God is within her, she will not fall.”

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