Frogs invade Natchitoches

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Several Type III Child care centers Infant and Toddler teachers attended Frog Street Curriculums Professional Development Training for infant and toddler curriculums on Aug. 4 with Marianne Englant, Frog Street Curriculum trainer, Lien McGhee, Resource & Referral, and Amy Metoyer, Early Childhood Coordinator. Centers were awarded a second round of FREE Louisiana Department of Education top rated curriculums for their Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K classrooms over the past year and attended this training to take a deep dive into implantation of the curriculum in their classrooms.

Did you know a child’s brain is 85% developed by age 3 and 95% by age 4? It all starts before birth. Natchitoches takes pride in ensuring education is a key component of our community. The City of Natchitoches Early Childhood Education & Development (ECED), partners with Northwestern State University Child & Family Network (NSU-CFN) to reach children in the community by assisting Type III Childcare center educators working with children from birth until age 5.

By offering professional development training opportunities as this one teachers are learning how to apply age appropriate academic activities to their daily structure and responsibilities.

“You are more than just glorified baby sitters, you are educators setting a solid foundation for infants and toddlers as their minds reach that 85% stage,” stated Englant.

Additional trainings will be held over the year to ensure all staff are well supported and knowledgeable of state regulations and requirements. If your child is enrolled in a child care site ask their teacher how “play” is “learning” and what they are doing to help your child become kindergarten ready, even as an infant.

Child care infant and toddler educators from seven different sites shared ideas, brain stormed, and participated in a large range of activities that will be seen in their classrooms all year long. During the year teachers will continue to be observed twice a year by certified CLASS reliable observers who will report each teacher scores to the Louisiana Department of Education. Each child care site is given a Performance Score, similar to public school report cards however on a numerical scale from a low score of 1.00 up the highest score of 7.00.

These scores can be found year-round at<>. Parents can select any parish within the state of Louisiana on the website to find site scores, addresses, phone numbers, and much more about every child care, head start and public pre-k site working with children under the age of 5.

To learn more about all local birth to 5 programs in Natchitoches Parish contact Amy Metoyer at 318-471-5240

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