Couple scammed with $700 in counterfeit bills


Wendy Robinette and her husband have been saving up money to adopt a little girl from the Campti community where they live. It’s been a struggle for them as adoptions are very expensive.

Recently retired from the wedding photography business, Wendy decided to sell her desktop iMac on Facebook Marketplace. She was contacted by a guy with the Facebook profile “Lewisboy Bihh” who claimed his name was Trey Jackson and that he lived in Natchitoches.

He offered $700 for the computer and Wendy’s husband met him Aug. 7 around 9 pm in the Exxon parking lot at the Hwy. 6 and Washington Street intersection. Her husband counted the cash and they went their separate ways.

When he got home, Wendy noticed the money was counterfeit. The buyer had already blocked her on Facebook, so she immediately contacted the Natchitoches Police Department.

“I feel really embarrassed that we let this happen,” said Wendy. “Checking money for counterfeit bills never crossed my mind. It looked real. It felt real. We had no reason to question it. But it was just a computer. Thankfully my husband made it home safely. It could have been bad if he had recognized the money was fake. But this adoption, I may never get over what this guy did to hinder that. He stole that from us.”

The counterfeit bills had the word “REPLICA” stamped on them in small print and the serial numbers were the same on all the bills. Anyone who accidentally receives counterfeit bills is asked to notify their local police department. The NPD asks that anyone with information call 318-357-3878.

2 thoughts on “Couple scammed with $700 in counterfeit bills

  1. One day this person will meet up with a judge that he can’t run from and there will be no excuse for his cheating ways. The Lord has the perfect place for people like that and it’s a little hot there. But he is also a forgiving God, there’s still time to make things right for this loving couple.

  2. I’m concerned about this couple adopting a child if $700.00 is stopping it. It costs a lot to raise a child.

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