NHDDC Seeks Comment on Natchitoches Tagline

Natchitoches Logo 2018 Slogan 1_OptionB

Slogan 1; Option B


The Natchitoches Historic District Development Commission is requesting public comment on two slogans selected to represent the Natchitoches brand. In May, the Marketing Committee of NHDDC sought public input to develop a slogan that celebrates the positive future of Natchitoches, while promoting local businesses, restaurants, accommodations and attractions. “We cannot thank the community enough for their overwhelming response to our request for input,” commented NHDDC Chair/President Van Erikson. “While the submissions were significant, the two taglines selected for this round of feedback appeared over and over in the public submissions,” continued Erikson.

In addition to comments on the slogan, the NHDDC Marketing Committee is asking the public to provide comments on the new logo design. The new logo features the word “Natchitoches” in a scroll-like font with a visual detail under the text. There are two versions of the visual details for the logo. The first, is a fleur-de-lis, which is used widely throughout the city, and the second, is an icon of the State of Louisiana, which helps to identify Natchitoches’ location when using the brand outside of the city.

From now until August 15, 2018, the public is invited to visit

City of Natchitoches Branding Site

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14 thoughts on “NHDDC Seeks Comment on Natchitoches Tagline

  1. I like Slogan 1 Option A

    “Where history lives” is simple and focuses on an aspect that sets Natchitoches apart from many other similar cities. Many cities the size of Natchitoches were founded in the 1880’s, during the westward expansion, in the years after the Civil War when this nation was moving on and rebuilding itself. But, this city can trace its roots back 1714. And I like the fleur-de-lis logo. Some say it’s over-used. Nah! it is an iconic symbol and yells “Louisiana.”

  2. Slogan 1, Option B
    “Where History Lives” is great, since it emphasizes the fact that Natchitoches is a historical, yet fully functional and thriving town. And even though fleur-de-lis’ are well recognized by native Natchitoches residents as representative of the town, Option B shows that Natchitoches is an integral part of Louisiana, and even alludes to its importance as the oldest town in the Louisiana Purchase. The fonts are fitting as well.

  3. Why not shorten the “I” in Natchitoches, use the Fleur De Lis to dot the “I” with, and then use the LA silhouette underneath. That way we get our tie to the state, and the beloved Fleur De Lis together rather than having to choose. The script lettering is beautiful. Option 1 slogan is preferred.

    • I think this is a great idea and is the one that the committee should seriously consider using. It incorporates the fleur de lis, which we all love, and the outline of Louisiana which is important in our history. Wonderful idea!

  4. I like the print on NATCHITOCHES but not pleased with the wording Where History Lives or Where History Meets Progress. That could be anywhere. Nothing at all significant or pertinent to NATCHITOCHES. Especially the awful road condition, no progress there. The City of Lights is perfect, keep that, it’s more meaningful. Whenever you talk to people from out of town they mention the Christmas festival & lights! Just a thought!

  5. I like the fleur de lis. That’s always been a symbol of Natchitoches and Louisiana and I believe we have to keep that in there. But why can’t the logo just simply be “The City of Lights”. There is your history right there. Why do you need to mention the words “history” or “progress”. Visitors and locals will NEVER remember or like that. When I think of “The City of Lights” I immediately think of the history of Natchitoches along with the progress we’ve made and what is yet to come. I think of the faces of the children when they see the lights from the riverbank and the fireworks. I think of my childhood and my children’s own childhood. I know that no matter what happens the lights bring people together. That is our history. Not the plantations or the old brick road. It’s the togetherness and the beauty of this old town. The logo should be magical, not practical. Just my opinion.

  6. Slogan 1 Option A – love the fluer d lid. Love the colors. Second favorite Slogan 2 Option A.

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