Candidacy Announcement: Tom Collier Jr., School Board District 8, #62

Tom Collier

I am Tom Collier Jr., a candidate for School Board Member District 8. I am married to Julie Collier and we have two sons Andy (passed) and Mike Collier. We also have Darren Litton who is in the service, Olivia Litton in the 10th grade, and Charlie Litton in the 9th grade. Savanna Collier, Trent Collier and Darren finished school at Lakeview High School. All other students listed above are at Lakeview.

As you can see I have a concern for them and other students.

I have owned and operated Collier’s and Sons Inc. for 35 years. I also have a dedicated record with five terms on the Natchitoches Parish Police Jury, from which I am retired. I served on a number of committees in my 20 years. I have a good attendance record with only five meetings missed in those 20 years.

I think if you are in leadership you should be accountable to the people you serve. I have and will continue to be accountable to whatever I’m involved in.

I am dedicated to having an open door policy. You will always be able to contact me by phone at 318-476-2239 (home), 318-471-9919 (cell), or 318-352-3528 (work). All calls are important to me.

My goals are to be dedicated as a member on the School Board District 8 should be. I pledge to work with other School Board members. Another goal is a pledge to all students to get them the best education we can offer.

We must remember to offer the best education we can, because these students are our next leaders of our country. We must give them the best we can offer. I, as a School Board member, will always listen to your input.

My past record stands with 20 years being dedicated and accountable. I will always be available to students and parents. Remember, if you want these things then please vote for #62, Tom Collier Jr.

3 thoughts on “Candidacy Announcement: Tom Collier Jr., School Board District 8, #62

  1. Where are these candidates coming from? Good Lord do they not know how to at least look presentable?? The last guy that was posted & now this one, could have put on a suit to have their picture put forward to the public. It is appalling to see what could possibly be guiding the education system in Natchitoches. No wonder Louisiana is 50th in the US! He may own a business but he surely doesn’t present an educated appearance.

  2. I know Mr. Collier has built a successful business, and for that is to be commended. It is not easy to start a small business and be successful at it. Most small businesses fail. Congrats Mr. Collier, and please continue your great service via your business to the community of Natchitoches. But, that does not qualify you to determine the direction of Natchitoches Parish schools. You may contribute by way of the Parish’s budget. As a business owner, who has to make payroll, you understand how to manage a budget. Great. But what experience do you have regarding the single most important aspect of a school system: the teachers?

    • Our school systems are there to benefit us all through educating our children and ensuring our future. Great teachers are part of that but they’re not the reason the school system exists.

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