East Natchitoches eagles ready for new school year

East Open House-2018 (3)

East Natchitoches Elementary held its Open House on Aug. 9. The school is now comprised of grades 5-6 after the School Board approved a school banding initiative for the 2018-2019 school year.

“The East Natchitoches faculty and staff promotes an environment that places children first,” said Principal Chrystal Davis. “I am excited about the new 5th and 6th grade center, and the amazing opportunities our students will have to be successful this year.”

3 thoughts on “East Natchitoches eagles ready for new school year

  1. Someone is always wanting to “nitpick” about people and things that are not necessary. My grand-daughter is a student there. Everything there is ok. Let us “Be Best” for the children. Let us be good role models for the children.

  2. What ever happened to a faculty dress code. These teachers dress worse thab the students. Students have a dress code then why are faculty dressed as if they were attending a hoedown? What ever happened to professionalism?

    • It looks like the teachers are wearing T-shirts with the logos of sports teams. It may have been that the open house had a sports theme. That would explain why one of them ( I think it might be the principal) is wearing what looks like a referee’s shirt.

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