Ponderings with Doug – August 17, 2018


The writer of Ecclesiastes opined that there is nothing new under the sun. He was not thinking about technology, rather he was reflecting on human behaviors and responses. We are creatures of habit. Even in the faith world, follow our traditions. Tradition is a fancy way of saying habit.

I wonder why we don’t experience the vastness of God’s mercy and grace. He promised us abundant life, but we seem to live as spiritual pedestrians. We never go near the edges, we want to stay close to home so we can correctly count the cost of stepping out in faith. We don’t explore the new adventure, because it is that; an adventure.

Two myths for you to ponder.

If you go to Walmart and purchase a pair of gold fish. You care for the goldfish. You feed them daily. You keep the water in the goldfish bowl clean. You might decorate the goldfish bowl, so the fish have something to do while they are swimming. You don’t introduce any dangerous fish or organisms to the goldfish bowl. You keep the goldfish for a couple of years. They are happy gold-fish!

Then one day you decide to free the goldfish.

You take them to a pristine lake. You want them to experience the freedom of being goldfish in a natural setting.

What will happen?

The goldfish will swim around in the same tight circle they have learned in the goldfish bowl. They will never experience the vastness of the pond! They won’t adventure out of their habitual circle.

Now our second myth.

A pumpkin farmer was strolling through his rows of beautiful green leaves. At the beginning of the season, the acorn size pumpkins were beginning to add dots to the landscape. When he glanced down he noticed a clear glass jar and curiosity got the best of him.

He brought the jar over to one of his pumpkin buds, slipped the small pumpkin inside and left it sitting there in the field. Months later, with the experiment long forgotten, the famer walked his land with great satisfaction as large beautiful pumpkins covered the patch.

Startled, he noticed the glass jar totally intact, yet completely filled up with that little pumpkin that grew inside. It was hard not to notice how the thin glass barrier defined the shape of the orange mass within.

The pumpkin was only one-third of the size it should have been.

Jesus promised His followers abundant life. What barriers, real or imagined are keeping you from experiencing or growing into your full abundance in Christ? What is keeping you from experiencing NEW life in Him?