Incident at Natchitoches school leads to juvenile arrest for aggravated battery

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An 11-year-old student at East Natchitoches received approximately 11 stitches after another student cut him on the arm using a double edged razor blade. He immediately went to the school nurse. After being contacted by the school his mother took him to the hospital for treatment.

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office school resource officers confirmed one juvenile suspect was arrested for aggravated battery as a result of what juvenile investigators are calling horseplay. There was no lockdown issued for the school during this situation, according to Superintendent Dale Skinner.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” said Skinner. “A child made a very bad decision, but we found no malicious intention. However, we won’t condone it and it will be dealt with.”

The razor blade was given to the suspect by another student who brought it to school. Skinner said the other student is being dealt with as well.

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  1. As I posted before, there is no law enforcement in this town/parish. Of course, that is probably true most places today. It’s not all the police’s fault. Remember, “abolish ICE!” and “pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon” or whatever they were chanting.

  2. Let’s not forget, these are still kids. My heart goes out to all three groups of parents. I was not there to see what took place. My heart hurts for all parents. I can not imagine getting that telephone call. I know​ I teach my kids right from wrong. My biggest concern would be the kid that told the little boy to cut another. Oh my!!!! And for the people to get on here like we are talking about 18 year olds, that just crazy. I have saw kids have great family and still can be steered the wrong way. We need to pray for our boys and men. I bleed the blood over mine, and thank God that some of you are not the judge.

  3. I called the school and they denied that it ever happened. They said i it was a rumor that got started. I don’t understand why they lied about it. Makes me worry about my grandson that goes there.

  4. It is malicious intent no matter what anybody says! The school board officials & the law enforcement should do something about it.. The kids will never change if they keep it like it is!

  5. we should arm all the children in school,”blood in blood out ” all you hard people been to jail and Skinner doesn’t give a darn ! he just signed new contract after closing schools.These bullys learn this from home its the parents jobs to teach kids right and wrong not the schools .

    • What kind of arms would you like to give the children? “Blood in, blood out”…. That sounds like a job for a cutting tool. Maybe we should follow the lead of the child who assaulted the other at East and supply each student with a razor blade. Or did you mean “blood in, blood out” in a general way? A kid could use any tool or weapon that hurts the kid who assaulted her or him first. That opens up a wide range of options to choose from: anything from a meat thermometer to a hammer. I taught at a school where a box cutter was the weapon of choice for one troubled young lady to stab another.

      And you’re right. Bullies learn their behavior mostly at home, either from seeing another person be bullied, or from being a victim of abuse from a parent, another adult, or a peer. But unfortunately, too often what happens at home isn’t reported, and sometimes people in the community look the other way. So teachers, aides, school staff, etc. do what they can to teach right and wrong behavior. Plus these people know how to spot possible child abuse and are legally mandated to report it. So schools are the only place where all kids are outside of their homes and under the “watchful eye” of trained and responsible adults. Educators are vital to ensure the safety and emotional well-being of every child. If parents can’t or won’t teach right from wrong, who else do you think is going to do it?

  6. Things obviously have changed since I attended East Natchitoches, assuming that is the same as M.R. Weaver, about 60 years ago. If this child and his parent(s) are not held accountable he/she will be dead or in prison before reaching 21 years of age.

    • And that is just tragic. My daughter was at East just a few years ago. If she were still at that grade level, I’d be checking into how much St. Mary’s tuition is right about now. Or considering online school through the state. It’s free BTW.

  7. Just think about this: how easy was it for this student to get that razor blade into the school building? How easy would it be for them to get a gun or knife into the school? Let that sink in for a moment….

  8. That’s what wrong got grown people saying lets gAng up and got people saying these kid ant worth going to school . I’ve been to jail it ant nothing bit a school it self

  9. I’ve read all the replies and I would honestly like to know what if anything is the schools’ response to the incident. When your kid goes school you would like to think that they are in a safe haven. How would you( the people that dismissing this as not being malicious) like it if you got a call and said something had happened to your child at school. Put yourself in the parents shoes and see if it’s a good fit for you.

  10. Horseplay! Apparently 3 students were involved. Someone bullied someone. You don’t evidently have a razor blade in your back pack. Eleven year olds are not babies.

    • Skinner is chosen and hired by the School Boared. Skinner is probably as tough as it will get when it comes to discipline in the schools and the ones that want him gone the most will feed this victimhood mentality even more so where nobody is responsible for their behavior.

  11. I don’t think we’re getting the whole story. Why did a student bring the razor blade to school in the first place? No malicious intent? Sounds to me like there was malicious intent before any of them arrived at school that morning. Maybe somebody wanting to settle a grudge? Payback for being bullied? When will we stop accepting a principal’s or superintendent’s version of events? School officials and school boards don’t want the public to know what really goes on. Don’t want people from Baton Rouge coming in here and telling us how to improve our schools.

    • Apparently you don’t understand that it’s a juvenile affair and the laws are very clear that names and other info cannot be made public besides once the crime has been committed it would be irresponsible for anyone in the school system to comment on what is in essence a law enforcement matter. Want to improve the schools call your legislators and demand that troublemakers and parents be held accountable for their actions. If it were up to me this kid and the one that brought the razor would never see the inside of a school again.

      • As long as the schools just give them a slap on the hand, its gonna keep happening.. suspend the student for 15 days, and make them turn in homework while suspended..if don’t comply, suspend student for longer!
        Eleven year olds should NOT have switchblades at school or anywhere for that matter!!! This is very scary and alarming!

  12. Praying for the family of the child and the child who was hurt. It’s a scary thing to drop your child off at school and hope and pray that they will be okay. I can’t imagine how the mom that got the call that her child needed stitches from being cut with a razor blade felt. It’s by the grace of God the child wasn’t cut in an artery. It would be a totally different scenario. How can they simply just say that the party whom did the cutting is “being dealt with?” The public school system has gotten so so bad. It hasn’t been that long since I was in high school and it just wasn’t like it is now. It’s proof that it can happen anywhere. I used to think of East Natchitoches as a really good and reputable school. So I pray for parents, teachers, and children this school year.

    • It was while Dr. Brossette was there. The most successful principal in the system and Dufus Skinner puts him under Gordy as assistant principal. Under Gordy for Pete’s sake.

  13. Learning about life in the hood is apparently part of the public school curriculum here in the city of lights and sirens.

  14. its not the kids fault its how they are raised and what they see at home,dad getting drunk beating mom etc…Kids usually imitate what they see,what happened to good ole days when you fist fight and become friends later ?
    need to go after this kids parents and not him.

    • They know right from wrong and shoukd be punished accordingly. It doesn’t matter what they see at home . They know it school it’s not right. I bet you woukd think differently if it had been your child sliced up

  15. And until law enforcement stops treating these incidents as “mistakes”, “horseplay” and other BS terms we’ll never get a handle on thisdangerous behavior. Not malicious? I call it for what it is, BS!!

  16. This is just sad, now the school needs to have the resources to check book bags before entering, and pockets, may take time but safe than sorry, LORD HELP THE CHILDREN.

  17. i say we call “pony boy ” and his gang and we all meet at the jungle
    gym.Rumble ……..the victim who was stabbed needs to come back angrier
    and ready .

  18. I wonder if the child getting expelled or y’all just throwing it under the rug🤔 I’m scared for my daughter

  19. No malicious intent? Guess the student tripped, grabbed the nearest double edged razor blade during the fall and accidentally cut the other student.

  20. How the hell you slash another student to the bone with a straight razor and there is no Malicious intent ????

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