The Cane River Queen is Coming to Natchitoches!



The Cane River Waterway commission met at its facility Tuesday August 21st . The main focus of the meeting was a presentation by Peter Lohr of Paul’s Party Boats concerning his new business. Lohr, who holds a Texas Party Boat Operator’s license, will be starting a business giving sightseeing and dinner cruises on the Cane River.

The boat, named The Cane River Queen, is 60 feet long, 16 feet wide, 8 feet tall from the waterline and draws a foot and a half in the water. The boat will be able to carry over 50 passengers and will be docked in downtown Natchitoches. A local restaurant will handle catering and alcohol sales afloat. The boat will be available for private parties in addition to dinner and sightseeing.

In other business, the commission voted unanimously to sponsor the NSU Rowing Team’s upcoming St. Denis Head Race to be held Saturday October 6th. The commission will donate $6,000.00 towards the race as well as supply buoys to mark the course. The commission also voted to close the Cane River to all other traffic from the Keyser St. Bridge north to the dam for the day of the event. The event has 11 teams signed up so far and will draw upwards of 1,000 people to Natchitoches from around the state and as far as Wichita, Kansas.

Members of the Cane River Waterway Commission will be meeting on August 30th in Baton Rouge with officials from the state Department Of Transportation & Development, the Governor’s Office and Parish and State elected officials to address the serious problem of erosion at the riverbank by the St. Augustine Church. The erosion has undercut the riverbank by 11 feet and is starting to undermine the highway in front of the St. Augustine Church.

In addition to these main items, the Commission accepted the minutes of last month’s meeting, the administration and treasurer’s report and approved the payment of expenses. After that, the meeting was adjourned.

29 thoughts on “The Cane River Queen is Coming to Natchitoches!

  1. I would bet those 50 passengers would be downtown anyway, shopping, eating or whatever and then take advantage of using the boat. Don’t see this adding much to congestion. I expect to be on board, probably more than once. Also, Events Center has a nice parking lot.

    • Yes Joe we are planning to draw passengers from the down town area . We are hoping to provide a great service allowing passengers to see the beautiful Cane River .
      We look forward to seeing you aboard The Cane River Queen .
      Thank You ,
      Paul Lohr

  2. It would be really nice if the boat was more aesthetically pleasing. The boat in the pictures looks like something you would put together in your back yard. I hope that it would not be moored downtown if it is the same boat in the pictures.

    • Billy,
      Thank you for your comments.
      I am confident when you see the actual vessel, you will see that is is extremly well constructed.
      These pictures were taken during the construcion fase and not intended for publicity.
      The vessel was constructed by certified boat builders.
      Many additons have been made since these pictures were taken.
      We hope that you will come aboard The Cain River Queen and Check her out for your self.
      Thank You ,
      Paul Lohr

  3. This needs updating! Looks like an eye sore. Get a boat or do some upgrades that makes it look more like a river boat. This looks like the boat at the alligator park.

    • B,
      I believe you will be very pleased upon seeing the boat in person.
      This is a brand new vessel. All materials used on the boat are brand new .
      The pictures were taken during the construction process and were submitted as a preliminary presentaion to the city .
      We were not planning for these pictures to be used for publicity.
      We will of course have our Marketing Director in charge of Taking Professoinal Pictures once the vessel is in the water.
      In any event , we have spent over $200,000 dollars on the constuction of this vessel and feel it willbe an asset to The City Of Natchitoches and The Cain River.
      We Thank You for your comments and always welcome suggeston.
      Thank You ,
      Paul Lohr

    • G,
      Thank You so much for your support.
      We plan for this to be a very positive addition to Natchitoches.
      We are looking forward to meeting everyone .
      Thank You ,
      Paul Lohr

    • Hello Jacob,
      We are working on our website and online booking . It will be up and running soon.
      You can reach us at for any questions.
      We are taking names and info from everyone and will contact you as soon as we are ready for reservation.
      We plan to be in operation mid November.
      Thank You
      Paul Lohr

  4. Paul, I see big bucks in your future. You being from Texas, you might not be familiar with how seriously we take our love of boats, beer, and food. I predict you’ll be running the Cane River Queen up and down our “river” from sun up to sun down. And we have so many great restaurants in town, don’t limit yourself to using just one.

    • Lady Jade ,
      Yes everyone I have spoken with has implied that it will be very busy .
      We look forward to learning all about your beautiful city and river.
      We have eaten at many of your local restaurants and agree they are all great .
      Thank you ,
      Paul Lohr

  5. make it like a party barge and you can go out to the Marina for little while
    and head back to front street and hit some bars.

  6. M,
    Thank you for you suggestions and concerns.
    The actual position of the boat is yet to be determined. We are still working with city officials to find the best solution.
    Thank You ,
    Paul Lohr

  7. I am in full support of this venture; however, I would like to bring up an issue that has presented problems for
    Barge operators on Cane River Lake in the past…the bridges. I do not know the exact height from the water line to the underside of the bridge, but have had to lower the top on my barge when traveling under the bridge near Melrose Plantation. This new boat is eight feet from water line. I’m sure this has been thought of and addressed but just thought I would bring it to someone’s attention.

    I would certainly buy a dining ticket on a cruise down Cane River….Good Luck..

    • Thank You Junior. Yes, we have taken the bridge height into consideration.
      Our turn around point is scheduled to be before that point.
      However we appreciate and welcome any input to make this venture a great thing for everyone.
      We certainly hope to see you on board.
      Thank You Paul Lohr

  8. Paul Lore,
    Welcome to Natchitoches!! This is a fabulous addition to our Riverfront! I found out about your new venture earlier this week and shared with our out-of-town family and friends. Everyone is asking for launch dates and reservations immediately!! I wish you all the best and you’ll be seeing us! Congratulations!

  9. Hello, my name is Paul Lore, I am the owner of Paul’s Party Boats and The River Queen. We are excited to be working with the city of Natchitoches and the state of Louisiana. Everyone has been extremely helpful with the process of transferring my business from Texas to Louisiana.

    It has been a long process to ensure we are in compliance with all Louisiana laws, licensing, regulations, zoning and permits. We are very excited to be finished just in time for this year’s Christmas season.

    We have considered many options as to where to operate the river boat business. We chose the city of Natchitoches and the Cane River because we fell in love with its historic, small-town charm. This is exactly the atmosphere we were looking for to operate our family-oriented business.

    A local Riverfront Restaurant will be handling all catering for the Cane River Queen. We look forward to the christening of the Cane River Queen and meeting all of you soon.

    You can reach us at

    Thank you,
    Paul Lore

  10. I can see the boat bringing ladies of the night and river boat gamblers
    from far away.There will be trouble in Capital city !

  11. Why would we invest in our downtown waterfront only to park an eyesore there?.Maybe an alternative would be to find a landowner who is willing to have a docked on their property. It could be brought to the waterfront to load passengers and be provisioned by this local restaurant that is referred to.

    • You’re right, M. Parking is so scarce downtown, I wonder where the 50 passengers will park their cars while on the boat?

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