Lakeview holds Title 1 Parents Night Open House

Lakeview Title 1 Open House-2018 (5)

Lakeview Junior Senior High School opened its doors to parents, students and the community on Aug. 14 at its annual Title 1 Parents Night Open House. Parents and guests had an opportunity to view a PowerPoint which outlined the particulars concerning Title I funding for public schools. Lakeview’s administration shared with parents how funding would be used for the upcoming school year to benefit their children in the teaching and learning process. Parents were also invited to volunteer at school and to participate in the education development of their children.

After viewing the Title 1 PowerPoint parents were invited to the gymnasium to meet with the teachers who are scheduled to teach their children during the course of the school year. Also, representatives of all clubs and organizations were available to discuss the criteria for students to participate in various clubs and organizations. Parents had meaningful face-to-face conversations with their child’s teachers. Parents also had an opportunity to follow their child’s schedule, with teacher visits in the sequence of classes for the student’s school day. The goal was to help develop a sense of community between parents and Lakeview Junior Senior High School instructional staff. The Title 1 Parents Night Open House was a well-attended event due to scheduling for the convenience of parents after their general work hours.

The Lakeview Junior Senior High School band played different selections as parents and students visited with teachers and visited the tables of sponsors of clubs and organizations. Teachers also had an opportunity to explain classroom expectations to parents and request assistance from parents to help students achieve learning goals and expectations.

After visiting with teachers, parents and students had an opportunity to go to the school’s cafeteria where teachers were serving red beans and rice, cake and punch. Parents, students and teachers enjoyed the family atmosphere centered around education and academic expectations at the Lakeview Junior Senior High School Title One Parent Night Open House.