Called to Coach – Micah Coleman

By Reba Phelps

The late spring time usually means several things. The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, school is winding down and last but not least it’s spring baseball and softball. This is when our community depends on the parents who have been deemed organized, talented and patient enough to coach our precious descendants. While visiting the baseball fields it has become a habit of mine to watch kids at multiple fields while our game is in progress. You cannot help but notice when there is intense excitement happening right behind you.

On this particular day I noticed audible hoopla behind me and turned around to further investigate. The first thing I observed on the field was my neighbor, Coach Micah Coleman, wiping dirt from a crying tee-baller’s eyes as he rounded third base. This small act completely touched my soul. Knowing Coach Coleman and his intense love for his own children and love for his basketball team it should not have surprised me at all.

A few days later I ran into Micah and relived that precious moment and even complimented him on the act of humanity. He smiled and quickly corrected me by saying, “Oh no, I needed that dirt out of his eyes so he could see and be able to make it to home base and score that run!”

Even though this statement totally made every parent in earshot laugh there was no surprise in the competitive nature of his response.

Coach Micah Coleman has a proven record of winning championships. His record speaks for itself having multiple state championships under his belt. But, his roots run deeper than his recent successes.

As a child, on any given day he could be found at a local field watching one of his 34 cousins play ball…if he wasn’t playing himself. Micah is no stranger to a game that includes a ball and a scoreboard. He knew at a very early age that he wanted to coach. He had many role models as a child who were teachers, principals and coaches. Choosing a career was an easy task for him. His dream job even included coaching college basketball.

Well, that was until he assumed the Head Coach position at Natchitoches Central High School.

Coach Coleman always felt a calling to coach but never felt that true peace that he’s had since he started coaching at NCHS. This is where he really started to cultivate his strong conviction to teach young men how to be leaders and not just winners. Sometimes he and his coaching staff are the only consistent masculine figures in some of the students lives and they do not take this job lightly. These students are his family.

When I asked Micah how he incorporates his own family with his coaching career he told me, “I was so fortunate to marry a woman who loves what I do and welcomes my whole team just as her own. My kids don’t know any different and think it’s completely normal to live at the gym and always have extra kids around.”

Through years of experience, trial and error and a love for his team he has found the right balance and compassion to meet students right where they are and build on what they have. Some might say he has been successful at turning out college basketball players but he is more humbled by the fact that he is turning out men who have the same conviction to be leaders and true men of God.

Billy Graham once said, “A coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime”.

This rings true as the family like atmosphere has bred success for the NCHS Basketball program and has earned them recognition statewide. Coach Coleman runs a tight ship and each spot on the team is earned with handwork and consistency. The basketball season will soon be upon us and I hope you can find your way to the Indian Tee Pee to watch Coach Coleman and his whole team. He will be the excited one in a jacket and tie pacing on the sidelines.

“If all that my young men have learned from me is how to dribble a ball and win a game then I have failed at my job,” says Coleman.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6


6 thoughts on “Called to Coach – Micah Coleman

  1. My son was blessed to be coached by this amazing man. His guidance, mentoring, and firm influence helped Casey in so many ways. One of the most defining is Casey enlisting in the United States Marines. Before Boot Camp, Casey referred to Coach Coleman as his first Drill Sergeant. “How bad could it be, I had Coach Coleman…”. My son just received this title officially as a MARINE!! I know he thought of his Coach many times and was focused on finishing and making him PROUD! I owe Coach Coleman endless gratitude!

  2. Coaches can be the most influential people/mentors that exist on earth. God definately chose Micha Coleman to be THAT person who He uses to shape and mold young men into productive people who can have a positive impact on our society. Yes, he’s a great basketball coach but he’s also a great builder of character. All my kids went to NCHS and I can tell you first hand that he’s more than just a coach. He’s an educator who teaches kids about life and the trials and tribulations that they will face. Any student or athlete should be so lucky to have this man as their mentor. We need a lot more people teaching and coaching our kids like a Micha Coleman!!!

  3. That was my grandson Corbin Achord that needed the dirt wiped from his eyes. I think that was his favorite thing to happen the entire season. He still talks about Coach Micah wiping his eyes. He was safe at home by the way. ❤️

  4. I have been very lucky to get to observe and work with Coach Coleman since he has been at NCHS. I can tell you that he certainly cares for his players and teaches them more about life then he does basketball. Coach Coleman and his staff work countless hours to make sure their players are winners not only on the basketball court but in life. Thank you Coach Coleman, staff and family for caring about these young men.

  5. Thank you for this article! I may be a lil biased, but I believe you caught the very essence of what it means to be a coach as exemplified by Micah Aaron Coleman! So very proud to call him son! His dad always told him to choose to do what he loved and it wouldn’t matter what he made! Although we all want to make a living and provide for our families, not many of us get paid in ways that no money could ever buy!! I believe the relationships that Micah has made over the years that not only he has impacted but the impact and blessings they have had on him are priceless! Thank you for the recognition of the value of this in a persons life and career!

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