NPD arrests Natchitoches woman for bomb threat made to local restaurant

Kaitlynn Raggio

The Natchitoches Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division’s, High Tech Crimes Unit arrested a suspect in connection with an alleged bomb threat which occurred over Social Media. The police department was contacted by an employee of a local restaurant chain who stated that a former employee had made threat(s) over social media in which she stated that she was going to blow up the business. Based on the information provided direct evidence was recovered which revealed the alleged threat. A warrant for the arrest of suspect was then obtained.

Investigator(s) from the High Tech Crimes Unit then located and arrested Kaitlynn Raggio, 19 of 806 Rikard Lane in Natchitoches, on one count of R.S. 14:40.1 Terrorizing. Raggio was later transported to the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center where she awaits bond.

If you have any additional information in regards to this investigation please contact Detective Victor Pinkney at (318) 357-3817. Remember all information given shall remain confidential.

7 thoughts on “NPD arrests Natchitoches woman for bomb threat made to local restaurant

  1. It is not our place to judge! That’s for Jesus to do! And I know He forgives us if we ask & believe in Him. He died on the cross, was buried & arose on the 3rd day. What an awesome love He has for us to die like that for us to save us from our sins, for His forgiveness of our sins! I will be lifting Kaitlynn up in prayer!

    • Hey don’t judge somebody just by a book title. You don’t know this girl like I do. Who are you to judge?? Just cuz you see someone on news arrested for something doesn’t mean all of them are idiots. Some ppl get accused for things they didn’t do. So b4 you try n judge this person make sure you know the full case also maybe think about what she was feeling. Everyone that knows her knows she wasn’t finna blow up the place she was angry n her mouth went on cuz of what she felt it happens. I’m pretty sure everybody says things like that they don’t really mean when they’re upset. I don’t mean to come sideways but please be mindful of somethings you say

  2. She looks ruff but she don’t look like she is smart enough to know how to assemble a bomb probably just a little anger let her overload her mouth

    • Thank you I knew I wasn’t the only one that thought the same thing. I know kaitlynn she not that smart nor would she waste her precious time making some damn bombs. Shes always on Snapchat all she does is post videos of her hanging out with her friends literally yesterday I viewed her story that was taken not too long b4 they arrested her she was just doing her thing with her home girls. Not saying she was right to post those things but everyone knows she wasn’t gonna seriously take her time to blow up Taco Bell she was just having some bad moments and was expressing her feelings doesn’t mean she would seriously do em. I know because I feel these things quite often yes I’ve probably had thoughts of wanting to do crazy stuff but I have control not to do em and I have things I would say that come out my mouth that might say I’m gonna do this knowing darn well I’m not. But I’m so glad you and me both think the same thing n don’t judge her wrongly cuz most of these other ppl just wanna talk bad about somebody.

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