Community members join Demons Days cemetery clean up

By Samantha Maiette

Community members and NSU students volunteered their time at the American Cemetery in partnership with the Natchitoches Historic Foundation Aug. 24.

Each year, NSU students take part in the 1 of 7 Service Kickoff, a service initiative which encourages individuals to spend one day each week in service to others. This initiative is held in conjunction with NSU’s Demons Days and is one of several locations students can volunteer their time at.

“The cemetery is so important,” said Hillary Bennet, VP of Marketing for NHF. “People come from all over to see this cemetery because it’s so important to the history of the United States.”

This year, students are helping to clean up the American Cemetery to help the Natchitoches Historic Foundation in preparation for their annual cemetery tour. The tour will be held Oct.12.

Bennett describes the students as “excited about being there” and that this year “they have so many they don’t even know what to do with them.”