City’s finance director accepts job at Northwestern State University

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UPDATE 2:33pm

Pat Jones named CFO at NSU
NSU– Northwestern State University has named Pat Jones Chief Financial Officer at the university, pending approval of the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System. He will assume the new position in October.

Jones has served since 2000 as Finance Director of the City of Natchitoches, where he supervised accounting functions for operating, restricted, capital and debt service funds and advised the mayor, city council and department heads on financial status and coordinated financial statements with employees and auditors.

He also assisted with contract and cooperative agreement reviews, grant opportunities and project planning, coordinated insurance and payment of debt service and was responsible for cash flow projections and investment of excess cash.

From 1999-2000, Jones was Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finances at Bossier Parish Community College. He was Associate Vice President for Finance at NSU from 1998-99 and Assistant Controller and Bursar from 1978-1998, supervising accounting functions and managing operating and other funds budgets and compiling annual budget reports.

Jones earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in accounting at the University of New Orleans and completed advanced accounting courses at Northwestern State. He holds Certified Government Finance Officer Program certification from the Louisiana Government Finance Officer Association, of which he is an active member.

He is an active trustee and finance board member at St. Augustine Catholic Church and a former board member of the Government Finance Officer Association and DOVES (Domestic Violence Education and Support), a non-profit group.

“I have had the pleasure of serving the City of Natchitoches and the Natchitoches City Council for the past 18 years as the city’s Finance Director,” Jones said. “It has been a great opportunity for which I am truly thankful. I look forward to serving Northwestern State University once again and am excited to join their team of dedicated administrative staff. I hope to lead the Business Affairs office in providing the financial stability needed for the continued growth and success of the university.”

Jones succeeds Carl Jones, NSU’s Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller, who has served at the university for 43 years and will transition into retirement in 2019. Carl Jones will continue to serve as a special advisor to the president on fiscal matters.

Northwestern President Dr. Chris Maggio said, “Pat Jones’ extensive professional experience in government and higher education financial matters and his familiarity with the university as a long-time previous employee will make him a valuable member of the administrative staff at NSU. We are excited that he has chosen to return to the university.”

First Release

A press release will be issued at a later date, but NPJ confirmed that Pat Jones, director of finance for the City of Natchitoches accepted a position as vice president for business affairs and controller at Northwestern State University, a position formerly held by Carl Jones. No further information is available at this time, so keep an eye out for an update.

14 thoughts on “City’s finance director accepts job at Northwestern State University

  1. Aren’t they required to advertise any and all positions? Having a process whereby anyone…you know like women, and minorities, and everyone else has an opportunity to compete for a job. NSU is a public institution supported by taxpayers. Of course, they do that and hold it like a club when it suits them. But when it doesn’t, well we’ll just put in the person we want and the heck with hiring policies.


    • Jason…Mr. Jones deserves to be CONGRATULATED for this accomplishment.

      Its amazing how some people just pull things out of their ???? and make uninformed comments about subjects they have no clues about. Obviously there is something personal about this for you (shame). Typically when executive positions are filled, seeking candidates through advertisement is never the appropriate step that will be taken. The position of CFO is a highly skilled and executive level type position whose candidates are usually chosen from a slate of known experienced and qualified individuals. For your information – Mr. Jones is a minority which shoots down your notion a minority was not considered. A CFO, Vice President, or any executive type position is never going to be an employment opportunity that is opened to public bidding. Sorry to disappoint you…Pat is very deserving and has earned the right to be selected for this new challenge and to work with a wonderful University President like Dr. Maggio.

      • It is YOU who are clueless! I know all about the hiring process and policies of NSU and public institutions like it.

        Like I said, they only apply the law when it suits them, and violate the law when that suits them. They get away with it because of ignorant fools like you.

      • Should probably stay out of this discussion, but…

        I know just a little bit about the hiring process at NSU, and this is unusual. Well, first, only the president of the university can hire or fire personnel, but usually there is a committee who makes a recommendation. For a position of this magnitude, CFO, I would think there are plenty of folks with the proper credentials, formal education, and experience who would have loved a chance to seek this position. Not me!

        In cases were a department head is leaving, for whatever reason, usually an interim is appointed…and that would be the assistant department head, or some such, who can keep the office humming while a search is made for a permanent replacement. And yes, usually, that interim person applies for the position too.

        I post this only because I am surprised NSU is following this course. Not that the university doesn’t have the legal right to do so. Just, as I said, I am surprised.

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