Rhodes Realty team expands with four new agents

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Rhodes Realty is proud to announce the expansion of its real estate team to include four new agents, formerly with Keller Williams. Michele Todtenbier, Lisa Hendricks, John Bernard and Connie Khoury-Hayden bring over 60 years of combined experience to the Rhodes Realty office.

“We’re excited to join a local firm and be able to continue working together,” said Todtenbier.

James and Justin Rhodes are excited to grow their realty team with these well-experienced agents. “They’ll all be a valuable asset,” said Justin.

Rhodes Realty Broker-Agent Rodrick McIntosh has worked with each of the new agents in the past and is overjoyed to continue to do so on a more permanent basis.

“To have everyone all under one roof is like expanding our family,” he said.

Michele Todtenbier:

Lisa Hendricks:

John Bernard:

Connie Koury-Hayden:

Rhodes Realty now has two offices to serve the Natchitoches community. The new agents will continue to work out of their existing office at 128B South Drive. Rodrick McIntosh, Mario Fox, Kathy Richmond, Michael Deville, Chad Deranger, and Doyle Sandifer will continue operating at Rhodes Realty’s main office, located at 404 Rapides Drive.

3 thoughts on “Rhodes Realty team expands with four new agents

  1. Politics and knowledgeable politicians can make a change– with progressive business thinking. Maybe the message of making America great again is actually working. Progress is a must, or be left behind!

  2. Who says America needs to be great again? What economic slump? Rhodes Property and Development seems to be doing pretty well for itself.

  3. Wow! congrats to all involved. This will make for a very powerful team in Natchitoches and CENLA. Best of luck to you all.

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