School Board meets MILO, recognizes Shining Star students

NPSB - Meeting 100418

The Natchitoches Parish School Board watched a demonstration at its meeting Oct. 4 of the district’s newest piece of technology: MILO. Milo is a robot designed to be interesting and approachable for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Kale Doffitt, a fifth grade student at NSU E Lab, helped with the demonstration. He’s been working with Milo for speech therapy since the district implemented the robot.

Milo consistently delivers lessons in a way that learners with ASD respond to. This recurring positive experience creates an environment in which learners can learn and thrive. The Robots4Autism program that Milo uses helps learners improve their social and behavioral skills and gain the confidence they need to succeed academically and socially.

Students from across the parish were presented with Shining Star Awards for scoring in the top 5% on the LEAP 2025 tests in the spring 2018 (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

Other agenda items included:

Permission to advertise for bids for asbestos removal in the “Old Magnet School”
Award big for LED signs for Fairview Alpha, Lakeview, and Marthaville to Rimmer Electric in Shreveport in the amount of $153,760.

Approve test security policy, which covers electronic testing. Grades 4-12 are now completely computer based.

Approve Wellness policy

The Board tabled an item to approve moving BRE from Cloutierville to Provencal according to student count.