Foundation with Missing $19,500 is Supposed to Be Audited This Year

By Edwin Crayton


At the October 9, 2018 meeting of the Natchitoches Community Improvement Foundation (NCIF), I pointed out that according to section 6.10 of their bylaws, the foundation is supposed to be audited every three years. That would mean 2018. Chairman Leo Walker seemed both caught off guard and irritated by my suggestion but grumbled that an audit would be done although he did not commit to a time period.
When the audit does happen, it seems proper that as part of that process, those involved should ask and document in writing what happened to $19,500 which NCIF has admitted is unaccounted for. That is because the foundation has never explained what happened to the money or even given any kind of written statement about it. Although the missing funds were revealed in an auditor’s report in 2014, there has never actually been any written documentation of any kind put on record or offered to the public to explain what really happened specifically to the money, or to at least explain in writing, why the foundation has not been required to account for these public funds. The foundation meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of each “meeting” month usually at 7pm at First Baptist Amulet. Next meeting should be January 8, 2019. Check the local paper. NCIF board members are: Leo Walker, Oswald Taylor, Ed Ward Jr., Billye Sue Johnson, Brenda Milner, Shaniqua Hoover, Mildred Joseph, Estelle Braxton, James Below Jr., Catherine Hoover, Kelvin Porter, Renee Porter, Gwendolyn Williams, Diane Blake Jones and Gwen Hardison

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Jesus Christ, speaking in John 8:32

3 thoughts on “Foundation with Missing $19,500 is Supposed to Be Audited This Year

  1. All praise for any progress in this marathon is due to Jesus. So I praise God. Please pray for Natchitoches, Please remember, by court order, the 1.9 million NCIF manages is supposed to be available for all the citizens and will benefit everyone. There are so many needs these funds can help. There are so many hungry, poor people here, as well as many other needs for the general public such as , education, jobs and help for businesses, recreation and, housing. Those are the areas that the funds are earmarked to fund. But public involvement goes a long way and matters. Get involved, go to meetings, or/and write or email whoever, raise your voice however God leads you, and pray for a more generous and proper distribution of this money to the public as it was intended. (Mark 11:22-24). It’s your money. but a lot more of it needs to get into your hands. Note, there is a typo. The date of the NCIF meeting was October 9, 2018. God bless you.

  2. The NCIF isn’t going to be allowed to choose their own auditor, is it? Anyone else out there think the auditors should come from a city out of range of NCIF influence?

  3. Edwin you are awesome my friend.Please…keep up the great work
    and never stop trying to find answers.I know nobody will ever tell the
    truth around here but hopefully one day it will all come out.

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